Published On: Sun, May 24th, 2020

Hideki Kamiya Is Sick Of Fans Asking Him If Bayonetta 3 Has Been Cancelled

Bayonetta 2Bayonetta 2

It’s turn almost a monthly protocol now for PlatinumGames to encourage a fanbase that a arriving Switch disdainful Bayonetta 3 is still on a way, and progressing this week (to symbol a month of May), we got another update.

In a same talk with VGC, Bayonetta array creator Hideki Kamiya took a event to residence questions he had been receiving from fans on Twitter recently – seeking if a diversion had been cancelled. Once again, he done it transparent that Platinum was “hard during work” on Bayonetta’s third outing:

I’m on Twitter so we see a lot of comments each day. I’m happy that there’s still expectation for a title, though one thing we would like to residence is a trend I’m saying that is people who are starting to ask if a diversion has been cancelled. we wish we guys to take any concerns we have like that and chuck them out a window immediately given we’re still tough during work on it and it hasn’t been cancelled by any means. Please demeanour brazen to it!

These same teenager updates have been going on for months now. In Dec final year, Kamiya pronounced it was “going unequivocally well”, afterwards in Jan mentioned how growth was going “very smoothly” and done a a identical criticism towards a finish of February.

There’s also been no trailers, screenshots, or anything like that given a initial proclamation during a Game Awards in 2017, and final year a diversion skipped E3. It’s distinct during this indicate because some fans would be only a small worried.

What do we make of a latest update? Are we relieved to hear a group is still operative tough on it? Share your thoughts below.

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