Published On: Tue, Jan 15th, 2019

Here’s Yet Another Smash Ultimate Glitch, This Time Making King K. Rool’s Crown Ridiculously Large


Yet another glitch has been detected in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Switch, this time giving King K. Rool a most larger-than-usual climax to beat his opponents with.

As always with these glitches, we need to accommodate a really specific set of mandate to make it trigger. For this one, you’ll need to go into a compare with only King K. Rool and Yoshi. Start off by throwing K. Rool’s climax away, before carrying Yoshi cackle him adult to make a good Kremling egg. If we get a timing only right, K. Rool won’t be means to locate his climax and, for some reason, it unexpected expands.

You can see it occur in a video below; Yoshi indeed manages to give K. Rool a gratifying strike with it while both players mount around momentarily confused.

There’s a bit of a knack to it, though; this second video shows how it can be utterly wily to time things only right.

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