Published On: Thu, Apr 18th, 2019

Here’s The Full Lineup For Castlevania Anniversary Collection On Switch

A few thoughts:

Weird that they waited until now to discuss Simon’s Quest and Adventure.

There goes any seductiveness we had in a Genesis Classic/Mini.

Pretty honeyed that Kid Dracula is included.

I approaching to see Rondo on here. we theory they suspicion it was too tighten to a recover of that reticent PS4 collection. Hopefully a subsequent one will have it.

Really bizarre to me that they don’t consider something like this is value releasing physically. Personally, I’m especially a digital gamer anyway, so we don’t caring during all…just seems like it could be a cold collectible thing for CV fans. Maybe they’re watchful for all a collections to be expelled for an ultimate collector’s book or something?

Sooner than we expected!

Man, we can’t wait.

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