Published On: Wed, Aug 19th, 2015

Here’s Samsung’s Answer To The Apple Watch

Last week, Samsung reason a large discussion in New York. While many expected a announcements of a Galaxy Note 5 and a Galaxy S6 Edge+, a association also teased a new arriving device — a Samsung Gear S2. This new smartwatch looks zero like a Samsung Gear S. It’s a smaller, some-more select watch that will go head-to-head opposite a Apple Watch.

Samsung only expelled a brief teaser video from a discussion (embedded above) on a YouTube channel today. Other than that, a association didn’t contend many about a smartwatch, solely that we should learn some-more during a IFA press discussion during a really commencement of September. So let’s speak a bit about a video.

As we can see, Samsung switched to a turn surrounding and a steel band. We can mark a few watch-optimized apps in a video — a continue app, a time section app, a stopwatch app and a sports-tracking app. The Gear S2 also seems to come with a heart-rate sensor. This watch face facilities complications with small snippets of information — in this case, your heart rate and your subsequent meeting:


Overall, this device is a large depart from a Gear S. The 3G radio was one of a many critical facilities of a initial iteration — we could make calls from your watch but relying on your phone. You could also content from your wrist with a little onscreen QWERTY keyboard. It will be tough to fist a keyboard on a dull smartwatch.

Even a pattern elements don’t demeanour a same. On a Gear S2, a icons are dull and some-more polished. While Apple doesn’t reason a obvious on dull icons, it’s engaging that Samsung switched to dull icons following a Apple Watch release.

It’s misleading either a Gear S2 runs Tizen or a heavily customized chronicle of Android Wear with a garland of Samsung apps built in. Finally, these mockups don’t tell how large a Gear S2 is. we wish that it won’t be as massive as a Gear S. Because let’s be honest, nobody wanted to wear a grievous Gear S on their wrist:


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