Published On: Thu, Jun 25th, 2015

Here’s How To Use Siri Commands On iOS Devices With HomeKit Accessories

The initial HomeKit accessories launched progressing this month, usually forward of Apple’s WWDC eventuality (at that Apple also announced new HomeKit facilities entrance in iOS 9). Now, new additions to Apple’s HomeKit support page tell users how to use Siri, a voice-powered partner enclosed on iOS devices, to control their HomeKit devices, including thermostats, intelligent outlets, lights and more.

Listed Siri commands embody things like adjusting liughtness of connected lighting systems, modifying a stream temperature, branch on named inclination (which could be connected inclination themselves or customary appliances connected to intelligent outlets) and handling whole rooms, scenes and device combos. HomeKit allows we to organisation a accumulation of connected inclination opposite manufacturers and forms underneath a singular “scene,” “zone,” or “room” grouping, and we can control these all during once with a voice assistant.

One notable tidbit enclosed in a updated support request that we competence not formerly have been wakeful of: Siri HomeKit commands usually work on an unbarred device, so we can’t use it directly from a close shade a approach we can certain other HomeKit commands.

Here’s a full content of a new territory from Apple’s support website, though conduct over to a essay itself if we wish a whole spare on HomeKit setup and use:

Use Siri to control your accessories

After we span your HomeKit-enabled appendage and iOS device, we can use Siri commands to spin it on or off, or adjust it (depending on what a appendage does). Here are some examples:

  • “Turn on a lights” or “Turn off a lights.”
  • “Dim a lights” or “Set a liughtness to 50%.”
  • “Set a heat to 68 degrees.”
  • “Turn on a coffee maker.”

If you set adult homes, zones, rooms, or scenes, we can use also commands like this:

  • “Turn on a upstairs lights.”
  • “Turn off Chloe’s light.”
  • “Turn down a kitchen lights”
  • “Dim a lights in a dining room to 50%.”
  • “Make a vital room lights a brightest.”
  • “Set a Tahoe residence to 72 degrees.”
  • “Set a thermostat downstairs to 70.”
  • “Turn on a printer in a office.”
  • “Set adult for a party, Siri.”
  • “Set a cooking scene.”
  • “Set my bedtime scene.”

Siri commands for some accessories won’t work while your iOS device is locked. For example, you’ll need to clear your device before we can use Siri to clear your door.

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