Published On: Sat, Dec 24th, 2016

Here’s how to lane Santa on Christmas Eve

As per tradition, Google’s Santa Tracker is live currently opposite Android, Google Maps, and, helping parents and children comparison lane Santa’s tour from a North Pole as he starts to broach Christmas presents all over a world. iOS users can also keep an eye on Santa regulating a Google Maps app on their iPhone or iPad, and Santa’s tour can be streamed to your TV around Chromecast, says Google. 

You can ask Google Assistant about Santa, too, by observant things like “Where’s Santa?” or “Track Santa.” You can even ask it to tell we a Santa joke.


But Google’s Santa Tracker website is unequivocally a one to revisit these days, as it goes distant over simply plotting good ol’ Kris Kringle on a map. The site itself has been filling via a month with activities for a small ones, including a number of games and videos featuring cute charcterised characters, as good as educational element about a place where Santa is now. Kids can see a print from that city and review a brief description.


A real-time tracker on a site also lets kids see accurately how distant divided Santa is from them, how many gifts he’s delivered so far, and – many importantly – how prolonged it will be until he reaches their house.

And during a bottom of a page, a couple will take we over to Santa’s village, a site that’s a mini-town filled with some-more games, places to explore, and other spots where kids can learn a new skill. For example, a “learn to code” diversion teaches programming basis by piecing together pictures of holiday characters, like elves and reindeer, before advancing to harder tasks. Another has we grouping shapes to make a design of a snowflake.

A opposite learning spot takes advantage of Google Translate to learn kids how to contend things like “Santa Claus” and “Ho Ho Ho” in other languages.

While Google’s Santa Tracker can keep children intent for utterly some time, it’s not a usually tracking site available.

The classical NORAD Santa tracker got a start over 60 years ago, and also tallies a gifts delivered, time to Santa’s subsequent stop, and where Santa was final seen. But compared with Google’s fun-filled site, NORAD’s is a small boring. It’s usually an charcterised Santa sleigh and reindeer drifting opposite a map. And nonetheless there are photos of where Santa has been, clicking on them usually pops adult a Wikipedia page.


But both sites can offer a purpose, though! If we wish to confuse a kids so we can get some last-minute present jacket done, indicate them to Google’s. If it’s time for bed, bucket adult NORAD’s site instead. They’ll tire of it quickly, and be lulled to sleep.

Image credits: Google, Android Police, NORAD

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