Published On: Sat, Jun 3rd, 2017

Here’s How to Get a MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar Functionality on iPhone

The Touch Bar on a new MacBook Pro is a unequivocally neat serve that replaces a duty quarrel of a keyboard. While a deputy did not have any approach impact on a application of a duty keys, there are a brood of other unsentimental collection that we can customize. As good as a new duty bar is on a new MacBook Pro, there’s a much-awaited jailbreak tweak called a TouchBar that lets we perform some-more or reduction  the same thing, but, on an iPhone. So let’s burst in to see what a new jailbreak tweak is and what probable application can we get from it on an iPhone.

TouchBar Jailbreak Tweak Adds The MacBook Pro’s Touch bar Functionality  To The iPhone

The new jailbreak tweak brings a Touch Bar to iOS 10. The tweak fundamentally mimics a functionality of a Touch Bar on a MacBook Pro. On a iPhone, a bar will be displayed on a bottom of a screen, featuring a set of buttons with their devised functionalities. Below is a list of buttons that lets we perform several tasks.

  • Music Controls
  • Siri
  • Back Button that lets we switch between open apps
  • Home Button
  • Silent/Ring switch
  • Volume and Brightness Slider
  • App Switcher

Once we appropriate a Touch Bar tray on your iPhone to a right, a song control buttons will arrangement as play/pause, skip and rewind. However, swiping to a left will arrangement a remaining buttons.

One thing to note here is that a Touch Bar will be displayed on a Home shade as good as a Lock screen. This means that we can correlate with several options even if a phone is locked. TouchBar jailbreak tweak also comes with a dedicated welfare mirror that will concede we to configure a tweak as per your needs. The pattern options include:

  • Adjusting a Touch Bar size
  • Enabling pure buttons
  • Enable pure background
  • Disable tweak in specific apps
  • Set a default Touch Bar page
  • Option to select either we wish a Touch Bar on a Home shade or Lock screen

At this indicate in time, there is a specific set of controls accessible in a TouchBar tweak. Probably in a nearby future, a developer will supplement some-more collection and buttons to serve raise a Touch Bar.

TouchBar is an cleverly designed tweak that allows we to do some-more than what a batch firmware allows. If you’re meddlesome in checking it out for yourself, TouchBar is accessible for $2.00 from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Another critical aspect of a tweak is that it’s accessible for iOS 9 as good as iOS 10.

This  is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on a TouchBar jailbreak tweak? Do we consider it’s a neat thought to have a Touch Bar on an iPhone? Share your thoughts with us in a comments.


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