Published On: Tue, Jun 23rd, 2020

Here’s how Apple’s batch fared during a WWDC keynote

Apple hold a WWDC keynote today, a practical eventuality that managed to remonstrate swaths of a record attention to watch a pre-recorded video.

While TechCrunch has posts galore adult on a site about all a latest things from Cupertino, we also kept an eye on Apple’s batch cost during a event. Doing so is a TechCrunch tradition, even if a company’s shares don’t tend to trade too neatly during a events.

Apple has a ability to stone other boats, however, as we schooled during a 2018 hardware eventuality that kneecapped a value of Fitbit after a Apple Watch Series 4 was announced. So, cruise this brief entrance a demeanour during Apple’s possess share performance, and whomever else got swept adult in a wake.


The WWDC keynote only wrapped, so here’s a full share-price outcome from a long-form video presentation:

Data around Yahoo Finance. Annotations around TechCrunch.

If we don’t know what to make of that, don’t worry, we understand. In fact, in credentials for that draft being rather tough to parse, we’ve prepared a per-announcement outline of what Apple only shared, and what a news did for a investors.

So, in respect of a princely tradition of live blogging Apple events, TechCrunch presents we with a world-first Apple keynote stock marketplace live blog blog post. Let’s go:

  • 12:18 ET: Apple shares are adult 2.12% to $357.13. Apple shares are adult now as a marketplace itself rises, yet a association is adult about as most as Microsoft is on a day, and double what Alphabet has managed so far.
  • 1:04 ET: Apple shares are unvaried as WWDC starts with a CEO Tim Cook articulate about a company, a entrance week and how it is responding to a inhabitant predicament of systemic injustice and state violence.
  • 1:07 ET: Apple shares new iOS features. Its batch doesn’t move.
  • 1:15 ET: Siri updates appear, Apple batch is adult 2.2%, effectively unchanged.
  • 1:20 ET: Messages updates also destroy to pierce a stock; Alphabet shares also doing only fine.
  • 1:29 ET: App Clips destroy to pierce Apple’s stock, that is now still adult 2.15%; iOS updates therefore did a full zero to Apple’s share price.
  • 1:42 ET: Deep into a iPad updates, including Apple envisioning we regulating a pencil to write since keyboards are somehow overrated, a company’s shares are adult a scarcely unvaried 2.03%.
  • 1:44 ET: Updates to Apple’s large strike AirPods Pro unvaried batch cost during +2.14%.
  • 1:51 ET: Apple Watch and watchOS 7 destroy to pierce Apple’s share price.
  • 1:54 ET: Apple Watch app to assistance with palm soaking fails to still marketplace concerns about rising COVID-19 cases, Apple share cost solid during +2.16%.
  • 2:00 ET: Apple’s flattering damn good remoteness updates don’t pierce a stock, that is adult 2.05%.
  • The Nasdaq, by a way, is over 10,000 today. Again.
  • 2:13 ET: macOS updates, shares do not.
  • 2:19 ET: +2.16%, zero to see here.
  • 2:25 ET: Apple is articulate about Safari, though a shares are flattering prosaic during +2.19%.
  • 2:31 ET: Apple +2.28% as a association talks about processors.
  • 2:33 ET: Intel shares are not moving, adhering to their gains of +0.38% today, for what it’s worth.
  • 2:41 ET: Apple developer updates continue, Apple shares are adult a smidgen some-more during +2.34%.
  • 2:46 ET: Apple articulate about developer transition to Apple silicon, a destiny of macOS on Intel chips and a company’s destiny as a genuine chip manufacturer. Shares now adult only 2.30% as Tim Cook wraps adult his notes.

And that’s that.

We done this long, vapid fun about how Apple announcements don’t pierce a share cost for dual reasons. First, investors apparently have no thought what any of a company’s announcements mean. And, second, since that fact mocks fans of a fit marketplace theory. Investors large and tiny now have loads some-more information than they did, and, in their view, Apple’s shares are value precisely what they were before. Huzzah.

You can locate adult on all a Apple news here.

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