Published On: Tue, Jun 23rd, 2020

Here’s all Apple announced in a WWDC 2020 keynote today

Today outlines a initial day of Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (or WWDC, as it’s known.) With a pestilence stability to fury on around a world, this year’s WWDC is wholly practical — including a company’s large annual keynote, where it shows off all of a updates entrance to iOS, macOS, and all of a other program it builds in-house.

Didn’t have time to watch a whole tide live? Here’s a discerning outline of all a highlights, category-by-category.

The subsequent chronicle of iOS will hurl out in preview mode to developers today, with a open beta approaching someday in July.

Interface changes:

  • App Library: A new home shade page that will uncover adult after we appropriate past your final page of apps. It automatically categorizes and sorts all of your apps, highlighting those we use a most. 
  • Widgets: Widgets can now live on a homescreen alongside your app icons, rather than being buried divided on a Today screen
  • Picture-in-picture on iPhone: While a iPad has had picture-in-picture video playback given iOS 9, it’s been curiously absent on a iPhone. No longer! If we switch apps while personification a video (or carrying a video chat), it’ll continue personification in a tiny box we can drag around a screen.
  • Siri: The Siri interface has been overhauled to no longer take over a fullscreen, and can do speech-to-text transcription wholly on-device for a consequence of speed and privacy.
  • Messages: You can now pin your many critical conversations to a tip of your messages list, and we can setup notifications on loud organisation messages to usually warning we when you’re mentioned by name. Oh, and Memojis can now wear masks.
  • Maps: Apple’s “new maps” are rolling out after this year in a UK, Ireland, and Canada. Maps will also shortly be removing cycling directions (in NYC, SF Bay Area, LA, Beijing, and Shanghai during first) that are aware of things like bike lanes and hills, along with directions for electric automobile owners that factors in things like battery operation and charging locations.
  • CarPlay: CarPlay is removing new wallpaper options, along with a handful of new built-in apps focusing on things like parking, charging, and food ordering. Meanwhile, Apple has been operative with a handful of automobile makers (including BMW) to concede we to use your phone as a key.
  • App Clips: Tiny, fast, lightweight “Applets” that pop-up on direct though requiring we to manually implement anything — like, say, something to take remuneration on a fly when we wish to lease a scooter. Can be triggered by NFC, QR code, or around Safari/Messages.

    iPad OS-specific:

    While iPad OS will get many of a facilities above alongside iOS 14, it’s also removing a few new tricks of a own. Such as:

  • New “universal search”: Apple has rested a iPad hunt UI — it’s no longer full screen, and can now puncture deeper into apps like Keynote, Messages, Mail, and Files.

  • Apple Pencil/Scribble: Handwriting approval now works in any content field, permitting we to jot a discerning note though carrying to put a Pencil down to type. You can also now pull severe shapes (like stars, octagons, and arrows) and have them automatically modify to prettier computer-drawn shapes by quickly holding your pencil in place as we finish drawing.


  • Automatic device switching: AirPods can now automatically switch between mixed devices. Play a video on your iPad, and you’ll hear that audio from your AirPods; if a call comes in on your iPhone, AirPods can automatically switch over accordingly.
  • Spatial Audio: Simulated estimate sound, concordant with AirPods Pro only. They take things like a position of your conduct into account, regulating AirPod’s built-in accelerometers to make it seem like a audio is “fixed” to a genuine universe around you.

Apple Watch:

  • Face Sharing: Got your Apple Watch setup in a approach we love? You can share your tide watch face setup with others by Messages, Mail, or Safari. If a chairman on a receiving finish doesn’t have a compulsory app/complication, they’ll be shown where to get it. 
  • Multiple complications per app: Each app on watchOS can now offer adult mixed opposite watch face complications, instead of usually one per app.
  • Cycling directions
  • Sleep tracking: Watch can now automatically detect when you’re sleeping, recording this information and assisting we lane your nap report over time.
  • Handwashing detection: Relevant! The Apple Watch can detect when you’re soaking your hands, regulating a accelerometer to demeanour for a applicable motions and a microphone to listen for a sounds of scrubbing. When it detects you’re scrubbing away, it can automatically start a countdown timer to assistance safeguard you’ve finished a full twenty seconds.

Privacy Changes:

  • Approximate location: Want an app to know roughly where we are, though not exactly? You can now extend an app entrance to your estimate location, rather than a pinpoint-precise spot.

  • Mic/Camera indicator: While maybe not as good as a dedicated hardware light, iOS will now uncover an on-screen indicator when an app is accessing your microphone or camera.

  • Simplified remoteness polices: App developers will now have to yield a simplified “highlights” of what user information they lane and/or share with third parties. These summaries will now uncover adult before to download in a iOS/macOS app stores.


  • Adaptive lighting: Homekit can now automatically adjust a brightness/temperature of your connected intelligent bulbs around a day, permitting for things like cooler lights during work hours and warmer temperatures when it’s time to breeze down.
  • Face recognition: Homekit-enabled doorbell cameras can now commend famous faces, and let we know who’s during a doorway around Homepod/AppleTV notifications.
  • Activity Zones: If you’ve got a confidence camera setup by HomeKit, we can now extent alerts to usually specific sections of a video tide — suit alerts usually when something enters your yard, for example, and not each time a automobile drives by on a travel usually hardly in frame.

The subsequent build of macOS will be called “Big Sur”, and will embody some tweaks that’ll make it demeanour and feel a bit some-more like iOS (like dull block icons opposite a built-in App suite.)

  • Control center: Borrowing an thought from iOS, macOS will now have a dropdown in a top right area of a shade that provides one-click entrance to arrangement brightness, volume, dim mode, WiFi controls and more.
  • Notification Center: Notification Center has been spotless up, bringing notifications/widgets into one one perspective while creation it easier to transparent out lots of notifications during once.
  • New maps: Maps on macOS has been redesigned with support for things like in-door maps, guides, favorite locations, etc.
  • Safari: Safari can now guard your saved passwords to demeanour for those that might’ve been unprotected in breaches. A “Privacy Report” button, meanwhile, breaks down what’s famous about what information is being tracked by a site you’re now on.
  • Overhauled extensions: Safari’s prolonged superannuated extensions complement is removing a refresh, with a concentration on conveying/limiting what information prolongation developers can access. If an prolongation requests a ability to do something like entrance browsing history, it can be postulated for a singular duration of time, usually on a specific site, or opposite all sites.

New Processors on Macs

As rumored for months, Apple is switching from Intel to tradition ARM-based CPUs it’s conceptualizing in-house, as it’s finished for years opposite a iPhone/iPad/Watch lineups. The association says that this will move a “whole new turn of performance” while immoderate reduction power, and concede for things like Apple’s Secure Enclave to come to a Mac. And iOS apps will be means to run on a Mac!

While developers will need to refurbish their applications to run natively on a new chipsets, Apple says many developers should be means to get things “running in usually a matter of days”; meanwhile, “Rosetta 2” in Big Sur will automatically/transparently interpret existent apps for compatibility.

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