Published On: Fri, Dec 30th, 2016

Here’s Another Text Message Bug Circulating That Can Crash Any iPhone

Last year, there was a content messaging bug that had a intensity to pile-up any iPhone that perceived it. It seems we’re not totally protected this year as well. There is nonetheless another content summary bug present that can potentially pile-up any iPhone. So if you’re an iPhone user, be certain to have believe of a content summary bug that can now pile-up your iPhone. Let’s see some some-more sum on a subject.

Another Text Message Bug That Can Potentially Crash Any iPhone

If we remember correctly, progressing this year a antagonistic couple was detected that also authorised iOS inclination to crash. Such links have been surfing a lot that can now solidify or pile-up any iPhone or iPad. Moreover, it’s scarcely unfit to revitalise an iOS device if it has been influenced by one of these bugs. So how disrupting is today’s content summary bug that can pile-up your iPhone?

It’s not like Apple does not take note of a whole situation. With each iOS release, Apple fixes and rags a feat that causes a bugs to pile-up an iOS device. The recently detected bug is a vast contacts record that has a intensity to henceforth invalidate a Messages app on any iPhone.

Sending a vast contacts record on a local Messages app on an iPhone using iOS 10.2.1 beta will solidify a app immediately and make it totally unresponsive. So if we consider we have perceived a questionable hit file, be certain not to daub on it in an try to see what it is. For some-more details, check out a video embedded below.

If you’re stranded in a conditions in that a Messages app is unresponsive, we can still enter multitasking switcher. This approach we can kill a nonchalant Messages app. However, this too does not solve a problem completely. Once we try to free a Messages app, we are presented with a singular white shade of death. The shade will afterwards lay nonchalant for a few seconds and afterwards a Messages app will pile-up again and take we behind to a home screen. If we consider rebooting a device again will solve a issue, it too hasn’t solved a problem.

Possibly a problem lies with a Messages app being incompetent to decode a intensely vast contacts file. Henceforth, creation itself totally unusable. We wouldn’t advise anyone to antic their friends from this bug. Possibly in a nearby future, Apple will take note of a emanate and digest a suitable fix.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on a content summary bug creation iPhone’s Messages app totally unresponsive? Share your thoughts with us in a comments.


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