Published On: Sat, Feb 29th, 2020

Here Are Two Teaser Posters For The Upcoming Monster Hunter Movie

With a success of Detective Pikachu and Sonic a Hedgehog – and a chronological blurb opening of a live-action Resident Evil cinema – a preference to spin Capcom’s Monster Hunter authorization into a Hollywood movement crack is looking smarter all a time.

Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson and starring Tony Jaa and Milla Jovovich, a film will be removing a promotional pull during PAX East 2020 on Saturday, Feb 29th interjection to a recover of dual promotional posters that will be given divided during a event, despite in tiny form (thanks, IGN).

Screenshot 2020 02 28 At 14.11.52
Screenshot 2020 02 28 At 14.12.00

The posters uncover Jovovich – who plays Lieutenant Artemis, a infantryman from a universe who finds herself trapped in an swap dimension full of monsters – and Jaa, a proprietor of that anticipation universe learned in holding down pronounced beasts. Jovovich is brandishing a Giant Jawblade while Jaa is holding a Great Hunter’s Bow. Anderson has already settled that all of a weapons in a film will be carried directly from a games.

Will we be station in line with your popcorn when this arrives in cinemas on Sep 4th?

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