Published On: Tue, Jun 23rd, 2020

Here Are The Seven Games EA Is Bringing To Nintendo Switch This Year

For me, and, yes, we will repeat a same list of Games from EA that we wish for.

Need For Speed, but, as a classics 90’s ones, well, or, during least, some as a strange Most wanted or as a games grown by Criterion games.
My Sims, I’ve waited for a supplement that never came and would wait for some improvements. / The Sims, well, this would be some-more obvious, though please, My Sims
Sim City, but, please, a Sim City with gameplay as a classics and make it improved than a 2013 game.
Burnout, well, we have Burnout Paradise, but, improved some as Burnout 3 too?

well, my wishlist in each “EA ´´announces´´ new games for a stream Nintendo console” XD

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