Published On: Wed, Apr 11th, 2018

Here are Mark Zuckerberg’s records from today’s hearing

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg pulled off a well-spoken coming in a corner Senate conference today, dodging many questions while progressing an sufficient studious vibe by 5 hours of sundry though mostly tame questioning.

The arch executive avoided revelation that Facebook is a publisher or a monopoly, refused to dedicate to any suggestive legislation and respectfully addressed lawmakers over a scarcely 5 hour marathon testimony.

Still, he did make one rookie mistake.

Zuckerberg left his conference records open in front of his chair for prolonged adequate for AP Photographer Andrew Harnik to snap a high fortitude shot with articulate points in plain view. Twitter users and reporters scanning photos from a courtroom as they strike a handle were discerning to notice, a irony of a teenager remoteness advance not mislaid on them.

Most of a records cover points that we listened Zuckerberg repeat during a march of a hearing, though there are a few some-more vehement statements that didn’t come up. The records also yield a glance into what lines of doubt Facebook expected. For one, they approaching Congress competence direct his resignation.

Below we’ve listed a subheadings on his records in confidant with any engaging bullet points pulled out. Our prejudiced twin retains a strange importance from a document. Though we’ve italicized what was underlined, confidant lettering is retained.

Cambridge Analytica


Reverse lookup (scraping)


  • Do we ever glow anyone? Yes; reason people accountable all a time; not going into specifics.
  • Resign? Founded Facebook. My decisions. we done mistakes. Big challenge, though we’ve solved problems before, going to solve this one. Already holding action.
  • No burden for MZ? Accountable to you, to employees, to people who use FB.

Data Safety

  • I use FB each day, so does my family, deposit a lot in security.

Business Model (ads)

  • Want FB to be a use that everybody can use, has to be free, can usually do that with ads.
  • Let’s be clear. Facebook doesn’t sell data. You possess your information. We give we controls.

???/ wellbeing

  • Time spent fell 5% Q4, focus to MSI.

Defend Facebook

  • [If attacked: Respectfully, we reject that. Not who we are.]

Tim Cook on biz model

  • At FB, we try tough to assign we less. In fact, we’re free.
  • On data, we’re similar. When we implement an app on your iPhone, we give it entrance to some information, only like when we login with FB.
  • Lots of stories about apps misusing Apple data, never seen Apple notifying people.
  • Important we reason everybody to a same standard.

Disturbing content

Election firmness (Russia)


  • Silicon Valley has a problem, and Facebook is partial of that problem.
  • Personally caring about creation progress; prolonged approach to go [3% African American, 5% Hispanics]


  • Consumer choice: consumers have lots of choices over how they spend their time.
  • Small partial of ad market: advertisers have choices too – $650 billion market, we have 6%
  • Break adult FB? US tech companies pivotal item for America; mangle adult strengthens Chinese companies.

GDPR (Don’t contend we already do what GDPR requires)

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