Published On: Fri, Jun 16th, 2017

Here are all of Amazon’s acquisitions before Whole Foods

Amazon currently pronounced it would make a bid to acquire Whole Foods for $13.7 billion, creation it a largest merger for a association by far.

The next-closest merger in cost is $1.2 billion for Zappos, that happened all a approach behind in 2009. Since afterwards it’s finished a few big-ticket purchases like Twitch (around $1 billion) and Kiva Systems (a garland of robots for around $775 million), though any one still pales in comparison to a bid it finished today. And substantially for good reason — Amazon is shopping a extravagantly formidable operation of grocery stores and logistical operations that keep those adult and running.

Today’s bid for Whole Foods pits Amazon opposite Walmart and clamp versa. Walmart recently acquired online tradesman Jet. The association also said it would acquire Bonobos for $310 million this morning. But Amazon’s outrageous squeeze — incomparable by a mile than any it’s finished before — sent grocery bonds opposite a house into a pointy decline. It might only go to uncover how critical Amazon is about removing into grocery smoothness and potentially section and trebuchet operations if it’s peaceful to make an merger with a extravagantly high cost tab compared to anything it’s finished before.

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