Published On: Thu, Dec 7th, 2017

Heptio teams adult with Microsoft to build a improved Kubernetes disaster liberation solution

With a arise of Kubernetes as a de facto customary for enclosure orchestration, it’s no warn that there’s now a whole ecosystem of companies springing adult around this open source project. Heptio is one of a many engaging ones, in no tiny partial due to a fact that it was founded by Kubernetes co-founders Joe Beda and Craig McLuckie. Today, Heptio announced that it is teaming adult with Microsoft on a Heptio Ark project, that it launched progressing this year.

Heptio Ark is a application for handling backups and disaster liberation that helps we pierce your Kubernetes clusters and volumes behind adult after your run into a vital emanate in your information center.

The devise is for Microsoft and Heptio to work together on strengthening Ark’s core capabilities, though also on creation it a apparatus for relocating Kubernetes applications opposite on-premise environments and — unsurprisingly — Microsoft Azure and a Azure Container Service (AKS — since Microsoft hasn’t come around to renaming it to ‘Azure Kubernetes Service’ usually yet).

“Few real-world companies live usually in a open cloud,” pronounced Heptio CEO Craig McLuckie. “It is impossibly critical that a collection and practices they adopt when selecting their open cloud services work on-premises as well. Microsoft’s joining to operative with a open source village will not usually advantage Azure customers, though strengthens a Kubernetes community.”

What’s also engaging about this pierce is that it brings a 3 Kubernetes co-founders together, with Beda and McLuckie during Heptio, and Microsoft’s Brendan Burns, who worked with a Heptio founders during Google when they launched a Kubernetes devise into open source (and who was a lead operative for Kubernetes during Google).

“I’m vehement to see Heptio and Microsoft broach a constrained resolution that satisfies an critical and unmet need in a Kubernetes ecosystem,” pronounced Burns. “We’re operative with Heptio to safeguard that a formation of Ark and Azure is a best-of-breed resolution for subsidy adult on-premise Kubernetes clusters into a cloud.”

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