Published On: Tue, Jun 13th, 2017

HEIF & HEVC Camera Formats in iOS 11 Will Save You Up to 50% of Storage Space

Apple introduced dual new formats for a camera in iOS 11 – HEIF and HEVC. Both can assistance save adult to 50% of storage space while sharpened photos and videos.

Real-World Tests Show that HEIF and HEVC Formats Aren’t a Gimmick during All

Apple packaged new facilities in roughly each dilemma of iOS 11. Even in a Camera app, things have been towering by charity dual new formats for sharpened photos and videos – HEIF and HEVC, respectively. These formats reinstate a age-old JPEG and h.264 formats, that means that we can theoretically fire twice as many photos and videos as a newer formats offer adult to 50% of storage space savings.

These storage assets don’t come with a concede either. The new HEIF and HEVC formats offer a same volume of peculiarity as before, though with a combined advantage of storage savings. In sequence to infer this, 9to5Mac conduct out with an iPhone with iOS 11 Beta 1 commissioned on it, and a formula are indeed utterly spectacular.

In contrast we went out during night and took a print and video of a New York City skyline. The outputted JPG picture weighed in during 2 MB, while a HEIC picture came in during 1.2 MB. Similarly, a h.264 encoded video was 61.2 MB, while a h.265 (HEVC) video was 33 MB.

Interestingly, Apple has been regulating a HEVC video format for a prolonged time. In fact, it does so while we make a FaceTime call. This allows for high-quality conversations while saving a lot of bandwidth. It was usually judicious for a association to move a format in other areas of iOS as well.

So yes, HEIF and HEVC aren’t gimmicky during all, and they indeed do work. This means that a format is good news for those with bottom storage configurations on an iPhone or iPad.

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