Published On: Sun, Oct 1st, 2017

HDMI mCable Gaming Edition Adds Built-in Anti-Aliasing Thanks To Proprietary Chip

The mCable Gaming Edition is a special kind of HDMI cable. According to a makers during Marseille Inc., it was built privately to assistance absolved console games (at slightest those rendered during 1080P or below) of a rarely irritating jaggies.

Marseille Inc. purports that there’s not adequate estimate energy in consoles like Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, yet also a strange Xbox One and PlayStation 4, to successfully lessen aliasing. Thus, an outmost resolution is needed.

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How can an HDMI wire grasp that, though? Well, a mCable Gaming Edition facilities an embedded “intelligent graphics pixel processor” (VTV-122x) that managed to get a ‘4K Image Certified’ from Technicolor. You can find a technical specifications below.

VTV-122x Family Key Features

  • Up-conversion of 2D/3D calm adult to 4K 30Hz and 1080p 120Hz
  • Contextual processing
  • Adaptive corner encouragement of lines and curves for softened video and user interfaces
  • Adaptive heightening and sound rebate to labour video content
  • Sub-1ms latency estimate keeps video diversion players in a action
  • Brightness, contrast, saturation, tone mapping
  • Integrated HDMI receiver and conductor with 4K and 3D support
  • Resolution: 480i adult to 2160p
  • RGB,YCbCr 4:4:4 and YCbCr 4:2:2, 8/10/12-bit
  • 2160p 60Hz YCbCr 4:2:0 pass-through support
  • 120Hz / HFR (High Frame Rate) support
  • HDMI 2.0 Interoperability Safeguard
  • Enhanced Device Interoperability

According to Marseille Inc., their contextual anti-aliasing (CXAA) can mislay aliasing but introducing conspicuous blur. Here’s a outline of how it does that.

mCable’s obvious tentative “Contextual Processing” engine automatically recognizes several elements of a rendered picture such as edges, hardness and other exclusive sum context. It analyzes each singular pixel to correct it in a many suitable approach for that pixel.

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By emulating vicious tellurian eye perception, it re-creates each pixel for a some-more picturesque rendering. With this singular capability, mCable achieves modernized anti-aliasing filtering that fixes angled edges and removes shimmering effects from a hardness but conspicuous blur.

Using mCable Gaming Edition as an additional graphics processor, it can mislay adult to 75% of graphics artifacts while during a same time maintaining all a profitable sum diversion designers wish we to enjoy.

mCable Gaming Edition also supports 24p film mode. It automatically detects film content, enhances and up-scales to Ultra-HD and 4K Cinema format that are approved by Technicolor, a record personality in Hollywood for some-more than 100 years.

Of course, as they say, a explanation is in a pudding. You can find dual central picture comparisons below.

Early reviews, including one from Linus Tech Tips embedded below, endorse that a mCable Gaming Edition indeed works. The downside? Well, it’s expensive. You’re going to need $119, $129 or $139 to buy it depending on a length indispensable (3 feet, 6 feet and 9 feet, respectively). However, we can use it flattering most with any HDMI device we have, from consoles to Blu-ray players, set-top boxes and PCs.

We might examination a wire for ourselves shortly enough, so stay tuned.

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