Published On: Fri, Aug 28th, 2015

Have You Tried Asking Siri To Give You A Hint?

Hey Siri, give me a hint. Apple only invited reporters to a annual Sep press event. It’s function on Sep 9th during 10am. But a best partial of this entice is a courtesy to fact and Apple’s Easter eggs.

The entice starts with a elementary judgment — “hey Siri, give us a hint.” And Apple automatic many, many opposite hints. None of them are indeed useful. But it’s flattering humorous to see that Apple takes a selling duplicate really seriously.

  1. IMG_1995

  2. IMG_1994

  3. IMG_1996

  4. IMG_1997

  5. IMG_1998

  6. IMG_1999

  7. IMG_2002

  8. IMG_2003

Rumor has it that Apple will betray a new iPhone and a new Apple TV. Maybe we will see new iPads as well, maybe not.

On a iPhone front, many leaks prove that we will get an iPhone 6s with a improved camera sensor, a improved processor, a sturdier bombard to equivocate “bendgate” complaints and Force Touch.

The Apple TV hasn’t been updated given 2012. It’s time for an upgrade. The new device should container a improved processor in a slimmer pattern with some-more inner storage. Apple might also announce a new App Store for a TV, putting a media device on standard with competitors such as a Fire TV and Nexus Player. But it looks like Apple’s possess TV subscription use won’t be prepared for September.

Here’s a invite:

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 during 9.17.10 AM

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