Published On: Wed, May 13th, 2020

Harvest Moon: One World Announced For Nintendo Switch


Natsume Inc. and Rising Star Games have announced Harvest Moon: One World for Nintendo Switch, “a mint approach of exploring Harvest Moon for seasoned players and new generations alike”.

Set to launch this autumn, a diversion will have fledgling farmers exploring an whole universe full of “new and informed faces, singular villages, and brave challenges”, all while handling their flourishing farm. The new pretension is being grown with an all-new engine and graphics.

Hiro Maekawa, President and CEO of Natsume, has common a following in a press release:

“Harvest Moon: One World facilities a mint approach of exploring Harvest Moon that seasoned players and new generations will both enjoy. Over a decades, Harvest Moon has developed though has always defended a traditional, family-friendly tillage fun that a authorization is famous for. The new engine and new graphics will ascent this knowledge for 2020. We are so vehement to share some-more about a facilities of Harvest Moon: One World in a entrance months.”

No screenshots or trailers have been expelled usually nonetheless (we usually have a striking above to go on so far), though we do have a initial sum of a diversion in a form of this central blurb:

Can we suppose a universe though tomatoes, strawberries, or even cabbage? In a latest entrance in a Harvest Moon series, that’s a conditions players will find themselves in. Only an aged book gives hints of what once was… Buoyed by a puzzling discovery, players will find themselves environment out on an journey that spans not usually their hometown though a whole world! What kind of people and places await? From a beautiful beaches of Halo Halo to a snowy plateau of Salmiakki, there’s literally an whole universe to explore.

Back in January, Natsume boss Hiro Maekawa teased a series of “exciting new projects”. It positively seems like this contingency be one of them.

Are we a Harvest Moon fan? Excited to see how this new diversion competence take shape? Share your thoughts with us in a comments below.

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