Published On: Thu, Nov 5th, 2020

Hands-on with Mophie’s new modular smartphone battery case

There was some difficulty when a Juice Pack Connect was announced final week. we acknowledge we was a bit confused, too. It was, no doubt, a vicinity to Apple’s iPhone 12 launch that lead many to (understandably) assume that a new take on Mophie’s box is formed on a handset’s new MagSafe tech.

While it seems expected that some destiny chronicle of a appendage will competition that functionality, law is there are dual primary technologies during a heart of a newer, some-more modular battery pack: wireless charging and good out-of-date adhesive. That means, among other things, that a complement effectively works with any handset that supports Qi wireless charging.

In fact, a complement is indeed flattering unclothed skeleton by design. There’s not even a box enclosed in a box. You’ve got to supply your own. Instead, a complement ships with a battery pack, a grip/stand and, helpfully, dual adapters. That final bit is good in box we need a do-over or devise pity a battery with someone else.

Image Credits: Brian Heater

Installation is flattering simple. There’s even a small card beam to protection we core it properly, à la a arrange of support you’d get to implement a shade protector. You can implement it directly onto a behind of a phone, as well, yet we cite to stay neutral with my accessories if possible. That said, you’ll need to live with a small adapter outgrowth on a back of your device when other accessories aren’t attached.

The accessories slip onto a anchor from a side. The battery container is simply a nicest-looking partial of a whole supply — and a one that many closely retains a pattern denunciation of a strange Juice Packs. The ring/stand is a bit cheaper-feeling and feels like a bit of an afterthought to occupy a complement when not charging. One of a large trade-offs is that a some-more compress battery pattern means a smaller capacity; 5,000mAh isn’t bad, yet we can find a aloft ability box for cheaper.

Image Credits: Brian Heater

The other trade-off we substantially already know, that is that wireless charging is slower than a connected kind. For that reason, a complement is improved blending to gripping your device alive for prolonged stretches, rather than quick charging. That said, if you’re unequivocally in a splash and have a right cables handy, we can assign your phone adult faster around a USB-C pier (which is also used to tip off a battery).

The Connect Stand is serviceable. It serves improved as a mount than a grip. It would be useful if a association offering something some-more like a Pop Socket for a some-more plain grip. That’s a good thing about modularity, yet — they can always supplement some-more accessories. At $80, it’s not cheap, but, afterwards Mophie products never unequivocally are.

Mophie introduces a modular wireless charging module

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