Published On: Tue, Jan 31st, 2017

Hand of Fate 2 Interview – Supporting PS4 Pro & Scorpio, Not Ruling Out Switch

The arise of label games has been both exponential and unpredictable. While many of them have merely attempted to follow in a footsteps traced by Blizzard’s Hearthstone, Australian-based indie studio Defiant Development was a initial to try marrying an movement RPG with roguelike and rug building elements. The outcome was Hand of Fate, a diversion that was unequivocally successful in a possess niche.

Defiant Development is now operative to finish a sequel, Hand of Fate 2. We’ve talked to them to learn a bit some-more about it before it ships after this year on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Hand of Fate is positively an strange mix of mixed genres. How did we get a thought for such a diversion and how formidable was it to make it work?
The core pride of generating dungeons from pre-selected cards came out of a scrutiny of new ways to randomize calm while still proof actor organisation and transparency. Our progressing mobile title, Heroes’ Call, had a lot of randomization in it, nonetheless it was mostly invisible to a player. We were looking during ways to make it clearer when we strike on cards. The hybrid inlet of a diversion meant we had a lot of sparkling new gameplay ideas nonetheless few before examples to learn from. That’s one of a reasons we wanted to work on a sequel, to make a Hand of Fate diversion we knew how to make, now that we’d done a Hand of Fate.

The initial diversion was downloaded over 2.2 million times. Were we awaiting this kind of success and does this supplement substantial vigour to Hand of Fate 2’s development?
We set out to make a diversion for a specific niche organisation of people. We knew that building a diversion that sum rug building with movement gaming would work unequivocally good for that specific niche, nonetheless we’ve been gay to see it strech a broader audience. That hasn’t unequivocally altered a vigour for HoF2 nonetheless – a idea is flattering simple. We wish to make a best HoF diversion we presumably can, and we wish to make certain anyone who desired HoF will be vacant by HoF2. That’s going flattering good so far!

Can we tell us fast how a tract will lead into Hand of Fate 2?
Hand of Fate 2 kicks off one hundred years after a end of a initial game. The Dealer has been deposed and depowered, and has enlisted a new favourite to be a instrument of his revenge. The universe has changed on in those one hundred years; an expansionist, quarrelsome sovereignty has come to energy and sorcery is being suppressed. The actor will be forced to navigate this fraudulent universe of dispute and hardship on their approach to defeating a new owners of a Game of Life and Death.

One of a large new facilities of Hand of Fate 2 is a messenger system. Can we tell us how this improves a game? How many companions are there in total, anyway?
We’ve got 4 companions in a diversion during a moment, nonetheless usually 3 of them have been suggested so far. Each messenger is means to change a diversion in singular ways, so they give players a big, engaging preference to make any time they tackle a challenge. Their inclusion creates quarrel some-more egotistic and dynamic, nonetheless they’re also means to deliver new account choices in confront cards and tip a contingency in your foster in games of chance.

Beside a companions, that new underline do we cruise will be some-more critical for a title’s gameplay?
Our plea house is going to get players meditative about their journey rug combination a lot progressing this time around. Instead of simply structuring a diversion around a array of trainer battles, we’ve apart a diversion adult into apart adventures, any with their possess story and deckbuilding objective. Players competence have to lift as many bullion as they can before a final turn or equivocate encounters where they quarrel soldiers. These scenarios are designed to get players out of their comfort section and try a whole label library while still permitting them to rise their possess strategies and playstyles.

Will Hand of Fate 2 have some-more calm and final longer? Can we give us an guess on a longevity?
We’re aiming for a identical volume of content, nonetheless pattern a some-more engaging debate with reduction end-game grinding. We’re still tweaking a playtime, nonetheless it won’t be any reduction than a initial game.

Did we ever cruise adding any form of multiplayer to a diversion and if so, because didn’t it make a cut?
We deliberate it, certainly, nonetheless it was something we fast realised was over a range of a stream project. It’s a renouned request, and unequivocally something we’ll cruise when we pierce on to whatever it is we pierce onto next. We’re anticipating that a boardgame satisfies those fans who desperately need a multiplayer HoF repair this year.

Do we devise to recover any some-more content, paid or free, for Hand of Fate 2 after launch?
We’ve got skeleton for both paid and giveaway DLC calm post release. HoF2 is many some-more modular in design, that gives us a lot of coherence when it comes to DLC. One of a issues we ran into with a Wildcards DLC in HoF was that there was no approach to pledge you’d be personification by a new calm when we started a session. Our new diversion structure means we can recover additional scenarios with their possess finish account as good as events, apparatus and other fun cosmetic stuff.

HDR record is solemnly swelling by a diversion industry. Beside PlayStation 4 and Xbox One S, now even PC gamers will have entrance to it when a initial HDR monitor ships after this year. Will Hand of Fate 2 support HDR and if so, on that platforms?
Not during a moment. We’re vehement about HDR, nonetheless as a tiny studio we unequivocally have to concentration a growth on things that will get us a many crash for a buck.

Can we tell us your aim fortitude and support rate for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One?
1080p on both. We’re anticipating to strike 60fps before release, nonetheless right now we’re sitting on a plain 30. There’s still a lot of optimizing left to do.

Will we support PlayStation 4 Pro and if so, that enhancements are we operative on? What do we cruise of a hardware as a whole?
Absolutely. It’s too early to plead any PS4 Pro-specific enhancements, nonetheless we’re penetrating to work with a hardware.

Do we intend to support Xbox’s Project Scorpio when it launches? Also, what about Nintendo’s Switch – any possibility of that?
We will. We haven’t announced anything for a Switch yet, nonetheless we’re not statute it out. It looks fun.

Finally, can we pattern Hand of Fate 2 in a latter partial of Q1 or maybe a small earlier?
Nice try.

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