Published On: Fri, Mar 10th, 2017

Halo Wars 2 Gets Performance Update, Bug Fixes & Game Tweaks

Halo Wars 2, a RTS grown by Creative Assembly and 343 Industries, only perceived a large refurbish (9.9GB) that improves a game’s opening as good as creation several bug fixes and tweaks.

You can find a full changelog below. Halo Wars 2 launched final month on Windows 10 PC and Xbox One; while not yet a faults, it’s a flattering plain diversion for plan fans according to a Chris Wray who rated a diversion 7.5/10.

Halo Wars 2 is an ideal plan diversion for beginners. There’s small jealous that a movement is plain and it looks fantastic, yet other bizarre choices blotch what would be a good title. From officious bad writing, to a inclusion of compensate to win microtransactions in a reward game, there are some positively confusing decisions.


  • Fixed emanate with ‘Detect’ on some starting units not operative properly
  • Fixed an emanate with removing a Palmer’s Pure Gold Achievement
  • Fixed some bugs with Kodiaks in Campaign
  • Fixed a bug with garrisoned Snipers not removing additional stats
  • Fixed emanate with squads removing stranded perplexing to castle if another patrol beats them to it
  • Gold award can now be some-more simply achieved in ‘Hold a Line’
  • Fixed a Cyclops and Reaver pathing bug where they would infrequently stop moving
  • Fixed an emanate with units removing stranded in bases after being made
  • Fixed several skull functionality not operative on some units or abilities
  • Fixed some cross-skull interactions between Annihilation and Pestilence
  • Fixed some Locust pathing issues in Blitz (even yet they’re driven by Grunts)
  • Fixed an emanate with units apropos nonchalant in Blitz
  • Fixed an emanate in Blitz with units removing a x4 speed boost in a specific situation
  • Fixed a dispute combined by swapping d-pad functionality in Blitz
  • Fixed an emanate with a Blisterback not recuperating from repairs in Blitz
  • Fixed function of Marines infrequently unwell to get new targets after throwing a grenade
  • Friendly cloaked units now seem on a minimap
  • Made some adjustments to Scarab creation
  • Tweaks to Grunt Mob, Bloodfuel Grunts, and Bloodfuel Locust
  • Holo Decoy can no longer be used on Pelicans or Spirits
  • Fixed label turn of units influenced by Holo Decoy not arrangement over clones
  • Glassing lamp always creates prophesy now in Blitz
  • Adjusted AI to make improved use of Healing and Cloaking fields
  • Skirmish AI now uses Extraction and Teleport
  • AIs have been practicing their Domination game


  • Fixed a bug where parties were always reserved to Team 1
  • Fixed a singular emanate with users not indeed removing to play a personality they comparison in Blitz
  • “Halt” cinematic should no longer be unbarred early in theater
  • Fixed some daily/weekly plea issues where they were not tracked in some playlists
  • PC players can no longer add-on aim to wheeze to themselves
  • Phoenix Log page adjustments
  • Pause menu adjustments
  • Set default problem of AI to normal from easy


  • Cleaned adult some denunciation localizations
  • Fixed a bug with UI textures unwell to load
  • Fixed some minimap graphical issues
  • Fixed a PC emanate with starting army content overlapping some UI
  • Fixed some issues with particular label container opening animations
  • Fixed an emanate with a depot for a red separator not carrying a arrangement string
  • Fixed a Domination idol issue, where it would stagger quickly when being recaptured
  • Fixed an emanate with Health bars removing stranded on a screen
  • Fixed some issues with particles incidentally sharpened opposite a maps for several objects
  • Adjusted clarity on sealed skulls in a side panel
  • Radial menu has been spotless adult a bit
  • Added additional visible indicator to assist players when they are selecting cards
  • Made some enhancements to a personality preference carousel


  • Fixed an emanate with a announcer constantly stating Zone B is contested when it’s not
  • Fixed an emanate with a Condor being means to be listened by haze of war
  • Fixed improper audio personification on some units when damaged
  • Fixed some issues with units job out a wrong attackers
  • Fixed an emanate with regulating right trigger or rodent circle would means audio spam
  • Added audio to Plasma Mines deploy
  • Added a accumulation of sound effects, and practiced timing on some existent ones


  • Under-the-hood credentials for destiny ranked multiplayer

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