Published On: Tue, Sep 26th, 2017

Halo 5 Xbox One X Update Detailed by 343’s O’Connor; Higher Res Textures But Likely Limited HDR

343 Industries’ Halo authorization growth director, Frank ‘Franky’ O’Connor, has supposing some additional sum about a arriving Halo 5 Xbox One X update.

Halo 5’s Xbox One X refurbish was announced by 343i behind in Jul of this year, though other than that a diversion will support loyal 4K on Microsoft’s extended Xbox, no specific One X enhancements were detailed. On a NEOGAF forums, O’Connor, who goes by a name ‘Stinkles’, has now supposing some additional sum about Halo 5’s Xbox One X update. The essence of his post can be review below:

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Yes you’re right. You’ll unequivocally see poignant advantages from using on HDR sets, and of march a diversion itself renders in 4k and takes advantage of aloft fortitude textures (will be a critical download) and assets, though HDR privately was wily for a integrate of reasons specific to H5 – a initial being of march that it’s dual years aged and it’s not only a switch – we have to “touch” all a content. The diversion was grown during a duration HDR systems were still being ironed out. Even now there’s a garland of 10 bit/Dolby Vision etc issues for consumers.

This was mostly resolved in time for Halo Wars 2, and so a HDR doing for that will be full given a diversion was built from blemish to support it.

The second – and from my viewpoint some-more critical aspect is that Halo in sold has tone change on turn designs as an aspect of change and matchmaking. One side is blue and one side is red, mostly in sincerely pointed ways. We already change for that disproportion and requesting changes retroactively would be a exam emanate during a grander scale than many other games. So we done a choice to combine on other IQ aspects for a update.

Obviously that won’t be an emanate for destiny titles, given they’ll be targeted for those systems in a initial place and a art, exam and pattern processes aligned.

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And besides, it looks unequivocally flattering anyway.

There ARE methods for only sweeping requesting HDR to working content, though a formula are churned and unequivocally contingent on what a underlying element looks like. So we grown for a regressive and protected outcome for that sold software.

Based on O’Connor’s answer, Halo 5 on Xbox One X won’t support genuine HDR, though TV screens that support a technique, will see some “significant” benefits. As expected, a Xbox One X will use aloft fortitude textures and assets.

More sum about a Halo 5 Xbox One X refurbish will expected be common before a recover of a Xbox One X on Nov 7th.

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