Published On: Thu, Mar 23rd, 2017

Half Of Android Devices Still Running Without Security Updates, Google Reports

Google’s Android Security group has only come adult with a news on a OS’s opening for a year 2016. The news outlines points such as improved opening in antagonistic apps showing and extended organisation with Google partners per monthly rags rollout. Also, Google also non-stop adult about a approaching skeleton for confidence updates.

The vital aim that Google set for a confidence dialect final year was a showing and dismissal of antagonistic apps. It followed a devise to detect these apps by improving a tracking system. The association achieved a target, in a report, it states that a Verify Apps use administered 750 million day-to-day checks, that is a substantial burst in numbers from 450 million daily checks in 2015.

Inside a Play Store, a series of antagonistic app downloads forsaken to 0.05 percent devices, a dump of 0.15 percent from 2015.

In a report, a group wrote:

Google Play continues to be a safest place for Android users to download their apps. Installs of PHAs from Google Play decreased in scarcely each category:

  • Now 0.016 percent of installs, trojans forsaken by 51.5 percent compared to 2015
  • Now 0.003 percent of installs, antagonistic downloaders forsaken by 54.6 percent compared to 2015
  • Now 0.003 percent of installs, backdoors forsaken by 30.5 percent compared to 2015
  • Now 0.0018 percent of installs, phishing apps forsaken by 73.4 percent compared to 2015

In a year 2016, Google outlines that a monthly confidence updates module witnessed an expansion. 735 million Android inclination got a confidence updates, widespread by 200 manufacturers. The reports also state that around half of Android inclination unsuccessful to get a update.

For a year 2017, a tech hulk is formulation to streamline a confidence refurbish module to make it some-more accessible for a manufacturers. It is value mentioning that Google is also looking to revoke a timeline from monthly to weekly. The association also records that with a augmenting use of appurtenance training record and automation, there could be a “significant” rebate in a PHA rates on Play Store and third-party download destinations as well.

In a blog post, Google also talked about a flourishing grant of researchers to brand and quell a problems, it says:

On a investigate side, a Android Security Rewards module grew rapidly: we paid researchers scarcely $1 million dollars for their reports in 2016. In parallel, we worked closely with several confidence firms to brand and fast repair issues that might have acted risks to a users.

Going by a report, it seems that Google is operative on improving a confidence refurbish cycle. However, a fact that half of Android devices did not get a confidence patch should be a indicate of regard from Google and OEMs too.

Here’s a video on 2016 year examination for Android Security:

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