Published On: Tue, Jan 31st, 2017

Hackers Used Activation Lock Website to Verify and Steal Valid Serial Numbers – Could Explain Its Removal

Hackers were apparently means to beget a current sequence series by changing one or dual characters in an shabby sequence series regulating a Activation Lock tool. Earlier today, we reported that Apple has private a Activation Lock standing checker from a website. While a association didn’t give any details, it appears that a Activation Lock penetrate might have been a reason.

Activation Lock penetrate could be a reason behind a removal

Apple’s Activation Lock site was designed to simply determine a used device regulating an IMEI or a sequence number. This would assistance users safeguard a used iPhone or iPad they were shopping wasn’t cumulative with Activation Lock, assisting equivocate purchasing a device that was sealed to another user. Apparently, this standing check page also done it probable for hackers to supplement in new characters until they found a sequence series that worked. Once a hacker manages to get a current sequence series regulating this Activation Lock hack, they can use it to clear a formerly non-functional or stolen iPhone or iPad.

The latest Activation Lock penetrate also explains a new glitches gifted in a past few months by several iPhone and iPad users. “When attempting to activate a new or recently easy device, some iPhone owners have found their inclination inexplicably sealed to another Apple ID comment – one with an different name and password,” MacRumors reported. iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 7, and 7 Plus users have been experiencing this problem given September.

The Cupertino tech hulk hasn’t confirmed either a Activation Lock penetrate is associated to a Apple ID Activation Lock bug. However, given a penetrate uses a current sequence series – one that already belongs to a legitimate user – it could means a legitimate inclination to be sealed out once their sequence numbers are used by hackers.

Activation Lock has mostly proven to be a successful apparatus assisting users to determine stolen iPhones and so deterring theft. Activation Lock is also intensely formidable to bypass too, that is because it takes some-more worldly hackers to come adult with bypasses. Along with this latest hack, we also saw another Activation Lock penetrate final year where a researcher showed how it was probable to bypass Activation Lock on an iPad by flooding Wi-Fi logins with prolonged strings while regularly opening and shutting a Smart Cover.

It is misleading either Apple will move behind a Activation Lock website after regulating these loopholes.

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