Published On: Tue, Mar 21st, 2017

Hackers Threaten Apple to Remotely Wipe Millions of iPhones If a Company Doesn’t Pay Ransom

Hackers are apparently melancholy Apple over a vast trove of stolen accounts, including iCloud and other Apple email accounts. Identifying itself as “Turkish Crime Family,” a organisation is perplexing to extract a Cupertino tech hulk to compensate income if a association doesn’t wish hackers to clean out information of the millions of accounts they allegedly have entrance to.

Today’s story comes usually a week after hackers leaked a vast trove of stolen luminary bare photos, that were also stored in iCloud. So far, there is no justification to advise if this is a same group.

Apple hackers extort a association over stolen photos and credentials

“I usually wish my income and suspicion this would be an engaging news that a lot of Apple business would be meddlesome in reading and hearing,” a member of Turkish Crime Family told Motherboard, a initial announcement to news a story. Motherboard combined that a organisation has also shared screenshots of their communication with a Apple confidence team, along with giving a announcement entrance to a email address they used to hit a tech company.

Apple hackers are perplexing to make a association compensate over $75,000 in cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin or Ethereum. They are, however, also peaceful to settle for $100,000 value of iTunes present cards in sell for deletion a cache of stolen data.

“Are we peaceful to share a representation of a information set?” an unnamed member of Apple’s confidence organisation wrote to a hackers a week ago, according to one of a emails stored in a account. (According to a email headers, a return-path of a email is to an residence with a domain).

Their communication with Apple also suggests that a enemy have supposing Apple’s organisation with a YouTube video that shows one of a Turkish Crime Family members allegedly logging into a criticism of an aged woman’s iCloud account, with backed-up photos and a ability to remotely clean all calm from a device.

“We firstly pleasantly ask we to mislay a video that we have uploaded on your YouTube channel as it’s seeking neglected attention, second of all we would like we to know that we do not prerogative cyber criminals for violation a law,” a summary allegedly from a member of Apple’s confidence organisation reads. (Motherboard usually saw a screenshot of this message, and not a original). The purported Apple organisation member afterwards says archived communications with a hacker will be sent to a authorities.

Apple hackers have claimed to have entrance to over 300 million Apple accounts. However, there do seem to be some inconsistencies in their story, as another member of a common pronounced a sum of 559 million accounts have been breached. The organisation also hasn’t supposing entrance to any allegedly stolen iCloud accounts to a announcement to determine their explain – a normal when hackers are perplexing to make a point.

While Apple does offer rarely rewarding bug bounties, a process is opposite rewarding criminals with any compensation. The iCloud hackers are melancholy that if a association doesn’t approve with their final by Apr 7, they will reset iCloud accounts and remotely clean victims’ devices.

We have reached out to Apple for a criticism on these claims and will refurbish this story when we hear back.

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