Published On: Mon, Aug 21st, 2017

Hackers Take Control of Enigma Using CEO’s Dumped Passwords – Steal Nearly Half a Million in Ethereum

Ethereum and ICOs – a hackers keep removing rich. On Sunday, hackers stole scarcely $500,000 in Ethereum from Enigma, a cryptocurrency investment height provider that was scheming to lift income by an initial silver offering. The hackers took control of Enigma’s website, amicable accounts and a village email list. While Enigma itself hasn’t mislaid any money, hackers posted Slack messages and sent emails to a village creation people send income to their wallet.

Enigma had apparently common with a supporters that it would not be collecting any income before a ICO subsequent month, set for Sep 11. However, many fell for a pretence as hackers managed to get 1,492 in ether, value around $500,000.

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Hacked substantially regulating dumped credentials

Some on Reddit have reported that a hackers accessed a email of Enigma CEO Guy Zyskind whose sum were apparently dumped in one of a prior information leaks. However, he hadn’t altered a cue in a aftermath.

“thats what happens when MIT kids consider they are only TOO intelligent to do simple fucking website confidence measures” – Reddit user

While a association hasn’t pronounced if it was Zyskind’s email, it has certified that “certain group passwords were compromised for a alighting page and Slack.” Enigma Project has now implemented new confidence measures and has also positive to have adopted two-factor authentication for all worker email accounts. Hmm, too late and a small annoying for a association to not have followed these simple confidence measures.

The association also ensures that a website for the Enigma token sale was not accessed. “It resides on a separate, some-more secure server that was never compromised.”

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Enigma Project has now taken behind a control of a websites and has deactivated Slack for a time being. In a matter on Twitter, it said:

This isn’t a initial time that hackers have targeted an Ethereum associated ICO. In Jul alone, CoinDash mislaid over $7 million while Veritaseum over $8.4 million. In a same month, hackers managed to make over 32 million in US dollars exploiting a smirch in an Ethereum wallet client, Parity.

CoinDash conflict was identical to a latest conflict on Enigma as scammers had hijacked a website replacing a wallet residence with their own. While CoinDash had concluded to emanate tokens to all those who had sent a income to a hackers, it’s misleading during a impulse if/how Enigma skeleton to recompense a victims.

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