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Guide: The Best Video Game Books

Video Game BooksVideo Game Books© Nintendo Life

The usually thing some-more fun than personification video games is reading about them, and in a past few years, we’ve seen a array of game-specific books raze as players find to learn some-more about a attention and writers essay to catalog and analyse what has spin one of a world’s many renouned forms of entertainment. It has gotten to a theatre where we’ve amassed so many tomes during Nintendo Life Towers that we’ve motionless to put together a permitted beam to all of a unequivocally best books about games income can buy.

As a few of these books are partial of wider (and ongoing) series, we’ve lumped some together in categories formed on publisher or author – rest assured, however, we usually do this when we’re totally certain that any and any book in that operation is value a look. We’ve also updated this beam for 2019 with some new entries from a likes of Geeks Line, Bitmap Books and Read-Only Memory.

With that out of a way, let’s spin a page, shall we?

The NES Encyclopedia

NES EncyclopediaNES Encyclopedia© Nintendo Life

Penned by highly-respected UK games publisher and Nintendo Life writer Chris Scullion, The NES Encyclopedia aims to catalog every singular game expelled for a Nintendo Entertainment System. Yes, Chris unequivocally is that crazy. But we know what? He’s positively pulled it off and this book is a ultimate apparatus for anyone even a smallest bit meddlesome in a large NES library of games. Scullion knows when to lay on a believe and when to moment a joke, so it’s a genuine fun to read, too.

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Super Famicom: The Box Art Collection

Super Famicom Box Art CollectionSuper Famicom Box Art Collection© Nintendo Life

This pleasant recover from Bitmap Books is a collection of beautiful cover artwork, all taken from Japanese Super Famicom releases. Each game’s cover is shown around high-quality photography and is accompanied by a brief description. This is a ideal coffee list book and a contingency for all Nintendo fans – generally those who grew adult importing uncanny and smashing games formed quite on their covers alone.

Retro Gaming: A Byte-Sized History of Video Games

Retro GamingRetro Gaming© Nintendo Life

While there are some flattering pithy tomes permitted that try to exhaustively draft a whole story of a games industry, there’s something to be pronounced for a less-heavy proceed – and that’s accurately what earlier Nintendo Life clerk Mike Diver has finished with this superb coffee list book. Packed with didactic nuggets of info and loads and loads of poetic images, Retro Gaming: A Byte-Sized History of Video Games is a ideal proceed to fast get yourself (or a desired one) adult to speed on decades of games, systems and much, most more.

The Visual Compendium Collection

SNES Visual CompendiumSNES Visual Compendium© Nintendo Life

Published by Bitmap Books, a Visual Compendium array has lonesome poignant home computers and consoles from gaming story and some-more recently has focused on a NES and SNES systems. Packed with screenshots, disdainful interviews and in-depth features, a array has spin impossibly renouned with retro gamers and collectors alike, and a Master System book is a initial to have central capitulation from a hardware manufacturer, with Sega entrance on house to offer disdainful entrance to pivotal developers.

Hardcore Gaming 101 Series

Hardcore Gaming 101Hardcore Gaming 101© Nintendo Life

Hardcore Gaming 101 is one of a longest-running diversion story websites on a internet and a definitely useful research of classical games is a genuine godsend for players who wish to brush adult on a story of a dear pastime. A while behind a group behind a site motionless to repackage some of a web calm in a form of earthy books, any one packaged with content and imagery. The array has lonesome particular franchises – such as Castlevania – as good as genres, publishers and consoles, and any and any book is value a seeking cost several times over. Exceptionally researched nonetheless totally accessible, any and any volume is estimable of a place in your collection. Digital versions are also available.

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