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Guide: Switch, Switch Lite Or 2DS XL? The Nintendo Console Buying Guide For Parents

Nintendo Parents

If you’re a primogenitor who’s stumbled on to this website wondering what to buy your child for their birthday this year, afterwards presumably we are in a marketplace for picking adult a Nintendo console. A correct choice, and one of that we heartily approve.

But with so many bewildering options out there, we competence be left wondering that indication or gold is a right one for you. Allow us to offer some parental assistance.

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Switch Bloodstained

Nintendo Switch (the customary model)

After rising behind in 2017, a customary Nintendo Switch stays a flagship Nintendo console right now and is a one that connects to your TV around a special dock.

The pattern of Nintendo Switch enables your kids to play on your TV like a unchanging games console or take a diversion with we when we leave a residence and continue personification on-the-go. This means we can take full console games like Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with we in a behind of a car, on a train or anywhere else we take your children.

The Nintendo Switch doesn’t need a TV to duty and we can happily play in unstable mode perpetually if we choose. However, if we have positively no goal of regulating it on a TV, we competence wish to cruise a portable-only Switch Lite, a smaller, cheaper Switch that isn’t means to outlay to a television. Scroll down for some-more information on a Switch Lite.

What’s enclosed in a customary Nintendo Switch box?

When we open adult your code new Switch you’ll find a following:

  • The bottom Nintendo Switch console (essentially a small touchscreen inscription with railings possibly end)
  • A span of detachable Joy-Con controller of a colour indicated on a box
  • A cosmetic hold for a Joy-Con that we can block a controllers into to emanate a some-more customary diversion pad
  • A cradle-style wharf that connects to your TV
  • An HDMI wire for joining a wharf to a TV
  • A energy supply that can be plugged into a wharf or a console itself

What’s a battery life of a Nintendo Switch?

A teenager inner hardware rider increasing limit battery life for this indication to 4.5 – 9 hours, depending on a diversion running. While personification The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild, for example, a new console should give we approximately 5.5 hours of playtime between charges, contra around 3 hours for a comparison version, so make certain we collect adult a revised indication if we intend to use a Switch divided from a wharf a lot. Our beam to a differences between a aged chronicle and a softened Switch will assistance if you’re uncertain that is that (the box of a newer chronicle has some-more red). For reference, a links enclosed in this essay are for the new chronicle only.

Nintendo Switch Lite

Switch Lite W Box.JPG

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a newest further to Nintendo’s console lineup – a smaller, cheaper, handheld-only chronicle of a Switch. Unlike a customary console, a controllers on possibly side of a touchscreen are henceforth trustworthy on a Switch Lite, creation it a tougher, some-more durable console that competence be improved for younger kids with butterfingers.

It is probable to couple customary Joy-Con controllers wirelessly to a Switch Lite (indeed, it’s compulsory for a small array of games), though they’ll need to be purchased separately.

One other advantage of a Switch Lite is a preference of colours it’s permitted in. You can now select from Turquoise, Yellow or Gray, or there’s a special Pokémon version.

What’s a battery life of a Nintendo Switch Lite?

The Switch Lite has a battery life of around 3 to 7 hours, depending on a game. For example, a full assign will get we around 4 hours of personification The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild contra approximately 5.5 hours on a customary Switch.

What games should we get with my new Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch has a immeasurable library of family-friendly games on offer, including a Super Mario series. Here are a preference of evergreen classics to set we on a right path. All of a games next are family favourites that will pledge smiles all round:

Micro SD cards

Switch Micro SD Card

While many of a games on Nintendo Switch are permitted on earthy cartridges, a Switch eShop offers a event to equivocate losing those small cartridges down a behind of a lounge or in a footwell of a automobile by shopping a games digitally instead (some smaller games are usually permitted on a Nintendo eShop, too).

All chronicle of a Switch come with 32GB of inner storage, of that around 25GB is indeed permitted by a user. This will be glorious for storing your save information and a few games, though if we run out of space it’s easy to enhance that storage with a micro SD card.

Nintendo Switch Common Questions

What are Joy-Cons?

Switch Lite Joycon 2.JPG

Joy-Con(s) are a detachable controllers that slip onto a sides of a categorical Switch console. They work wirelessly and also underline suit controls and rumble functionality for concordant games. The customary console comes with two, nonetheless nothing are enclosed with Switch Lite that has a possess integrated controls.

Joy-Con controllers can be used in a accumulation of ways depending on a game: separate up, hold laterally or total to turn ‘one’ diversion pad. For many games it’s probable to play in two-player mode regulating usually a dual Joy-Con that come with a Switch, definition it’s a ideal complement for kids who wish to play games together on-the-go but a need for unwieldy additional accessories.

What is a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller?

If you’re formulation on personification a Switch yourself once you’ve tucked a kids in bed, we competence wish to cruise removing a Pro Controller. The Pro Controller is some-more like a normal diversion pad and it can’t be separate in two, nonetheless it offers a same suit control and rumble functionality found in a smaller Joy-Con.

The Pro Controller is not compulsory for any game, and we can happily use dual Joy-Con in a granted hold to grasp a same control – a Pro Controller simply offers a some-more ergonomic, gentle choice for people with incomparable hands.

Can a Switch play games online?

Yes it can. Free-to-play games such as Fortnite can be played online during no cost, nonetheless many other games with online facilities will need an annual Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

The cost of this use varies depending on how we select to pay:

There’s also a family membership choice for adult to 8 Switches for £31.49 / $34.99 per year. That’s reduction than £5 / $5 per user if 8 people are sealed up.

Subscribing to Nintendo Switch Online also has other benefits. A subscription includes Cloud Saves for upheld games, that means your child’s in-game swell will be saved to a cloud (subject to a functioning WiFi connection) and can be accessed again if a misfortune happens and their Switch console somehow gets mislaid or forsaken in a river.

You also get entrance to a flourishing catalog of classical retro games from past Nintendo systems.

What is Nintendo Labo?

Nintendo Labo is a complement of card objects that we erect and that correlate with a Switch in novel ways regulating a several facilities of a system’s Joy-Con controllers. For example, we can erect a wearable Robot pack that registers your movements in-game, or use a complement to knowledge some elementary Virtual Reality games. It’s ingenious, nonetheless beware that with younger children you will be called on to do a lion’s share of a building, that can take several hours.

Due to a compulsory facilities and pattern of a Nintendo Labo kits, they are usually concordant with a customary Switch indication and will not work rightly with Switch Lite.

Nintendo 3DS Family (2DS XL, etc)


If you’ve got unequivocally immature children and a whole judgment of a Switch seems a small much, we competence wish to cruise Nintendo’s prior handheld system. Originally famous as a Nintendo 3DS, it has ballooned into a vast family of child-friendly, dual-screen systems that can now be picked adult for really reasonable prices.

The Nintendo 2DS has a large library of glorious games featuring all of Nintendo’s favourite characters and is a good choice for anyone on a bill or with younger children who competence be a small rougher on their consoles. The 3DS family of consoles are a stout garland and are expected to withstand being forsaken improved than their newer Nintendo Switch brethren.

So there we have it. Nintendo consoles are a good choice for children and relatives alike, either you’re anticipating to suffer games together as a family or only wish to make highway trips a small some-more peaceful. We wish a sum above assistance we make a right choice when it comes to removing a console and games that are best for you.

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