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Guide: How To Beat Every Boss In Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes


If we picked adult Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes and are looking to give those bugs a sound thrashing, we’ve got some tips to get we on a right track. It’s not a many formidable game, yet it’s easy to get stranded in a rut and forget a accumulation of options during your ordering to proceed any encounter. As good as ubiquitous pointers (hint: evasion a lot), we’ve enclosed an overview of each trainer you’ll face. Beware yet – a genuine strength of Travis Strikes Again come from a small surprises it throws up, and naturally there are spoilers below. You’ve been warned!

General tips

  • Keep an eye on that lamp sword charge. It becomes some-more absolute a longer we go yet holding a hit, yet each pitch depletes a appetite bar. Recharging is simple; click in a left hang and wobble a right Joy-Con.
  • Remember that regulating a toilets not customarily saves your diversion yet also magically replenishes your health (magic indeed, judging from Travis’ wiping regimen).
  • Remember to turn adult from a postponement menu to boost your conflict repairs – we acquire XP with each rivalry we defeat. Experiment with conflicting skills, too. We found a Wing Chip’s electric startle and discerning lurch of a 00 Chip invaluable, yet there are loads to select from. Find something that suits your playstyle.
  • Think delicately about a enemies aggressive you. Prioritise anything that fires projectiles, afterwards combine on melee. It’s customarily best to transparent a throng before holding on a tanks.
  • Try to line adult assign attacks (hitting ‘R’ when charged and waggling a right Joy-Con) to take down as many enemies as possible. They’re absolute and it’s a contrition to rubbish them on one squalid muck while a conflicting side of a shade is plentiful with baddies.
  • Ramen Shops are tough to miss, so be certain to revisit Bugjirou a ramen man for a health and appetite top-up.

Boss Guide

1. Electric Thunder Tiger II

Mid Boss – Sheepman Red

Immediately after a third toilet you’ll run into an open space and accommodate a initial midboss. Sheepman Red charges during we and charges himself with electricity, yet isn’t hugely severe (none of a Sheepmen are). If you’ve abandoned a evasion symbol until now, this is an event to get proficient with it. Keep overhanging and dodging and remember to use a skills you’ve picked adult (the Shining Chip and a Psycho Chip).

Boss – Electro Triple Star

Electro Triple Star

Travis’ video diversion hero, Electro Triple Star charges an simply avoidable laser beam, summons bolts of electricity that heat as circles on a belligerent before distinguished and fires balls of electricity that illuminate out from his position. In proviso dual he activates 4 lights around a locus that contingency be broken as enemies spawn. A intense frame on a building signals an incoming conflict – burst divided to equivocate a shock. Once a 4 lights are gone, only lambaste him as most as possible, avoiding a occasional beat call he emits. Defeating Electro Triple Star will net we a Wing Chip. Equip it immediately – it’s absolute lightning conflict will come in handy.

Electro Triple Star

2. Life Is Destroy

Mid Boss – Sheepman Green

Sheepman Green throws 3 immature projectiles that are comparatively easy to equivocate and engages in some teleportation shenanigans. Simply watch his patterns and learn to evasion – you’ll shortly have him licked.

Boss – Doppelganger Patrick Granada Jr


Murderous tendencies aside, Doppelganger is a bit of a pushover. As prolonged as you’ve mastered a dodge, we shouldn’t have too most trouble.

  • Phase 1. Simply evasion a occasional missile and watch out for his teleport.
  • Phase 2. He afterwards duplicates himself around a travel – strike a fakes to exhibit a loyal Doppelganger(!) before a timer reaches zero. He’ll parent hulk spinning personification cards and floating purple guns that glow during you.
  • Phase 3. Similar to proviso 2, yet with some-more projectiles.

That’s it. Finish him and you’ll collect be means a new ability chip.


3. Coffee Doughnuts

Mid Boss – Sheepman Purple

In room 305. Similar to his associate Sheepmen, he’s not fantastically challenging. This one launches homing missiles and spinning blades that hang mid-air for a while, yet again, as prolonged as you’ve got your dodging skills down, he shouldn’t infer too most trouble.

Boss – Brian Buster Jr.

Brian Buster Jr.

Brian’s got some decent punches and fires immature appetite balls during you, yet magnanimous dodging should keep we transparent of a misfortune of it (we found a 00 Chip really useful for removing out of a way). Once he’s down to his final entertain of health some laser eyes activate on a statue behind him and sleet down bomb pain on half of a stage, so be certain to scarper when a red circles seem on a ground. Once Brian is out of his wooden mechsuit, a few inexhaustible strikes from a beamsword should arrange him out and bag we a Strike Freedom Chip.

Brian Buster Jr.

4. Golden Dragon GP

Mid Boss – Sheepman Yellow

This one throws glow and releases a shockwave we contingency burst to avoid. Otherwise he’s a same provender as normal.

Boss – Smoking King

Smoking King

After violence him in a drag race, you’ll face Smoking King in an arena. He’s got an earthquake-like pierce that radiates out in bursts, so make certain we burst transparent beforehand. He also shoots out absolute fireballs. Get his health bar down to a red and he’ll start releasing projectiles that fan out and doing fiery butt-slams that upheaval a whole locus – time your jumps to equivocate them. Keep during him and you’ll get a Physalis Chip for your troubles.

Smoking King

5. Killer Marathon

Boss – Mothership


Well, if we count a Mothership as a trainer then, yes, there’s a boss. Simply get next a mothership and glow during a core. Hitting ‘Y’ releases a 360° blast of bullets, so use that if you’re surrounded by missiles.

6. Serious Moonlight/Damned Dark Knight

Mid Boss – Sheepman Pink

This one summons hexes that fire appetite balls during we – pinkish ones. Simple adequate to dodge, this sheep is as elementary as all a others and should means we few problems during this late stage.

Boss – Eight Hearts

Eight Hearts

Eight Hearts spins into a hurricane that marks after we flattering sharpish, so you’ll have to be nimble. Just keep relocating and understanding with a skulls he summons quickly. Banishing him gets we a Crossbone Chip.

7. CIA

Mid Boss

There’s no normal midboss, nonetheless you’ll confront Sheepmen on your travels. In general, skinny a society before enchanting them one-on-one.

Boss – White Sheepman

White Sheepman has a operation of attacks to avoid, including a blackhole-style pierce that sucks we in, several homing projectiles, shockwaves to burst over and a ability to means repairs by igniting squares on a floor. The plan is a same as always – keep relocating and use that discerning lurch to get out of a approach sharpish. If you’re low on health, supply a V Chip and wait until she moves to a centre and starts her shockwave conflict – you’ll be means to stay in one mark interesting health while jumping to equivocate a waves. She’s got one clearly destined conflict – a summoned round of light that emanates opposite a whole locus – so you’ll wish during slightest one life in a bank. Once finished, you’ll get a Dendrobium Chip.

White Sheepman

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