Published On: Sat, Apr 8th, 2017

Guerrilla: Horizon’s Sequel Would Have To Have An Equally Deep Story & More Machines

A few developers of Guerrilla Games have been interviewed by Game Informer (May 2017, emanate 298) after a recover of a rarely acclaimed open universe movement RPG Horizon: Zero Dawn, launched final month exclusively on PlayStation 4.

When asked about what would be critical in a intensity sequel, Narrative Director John Gonzalez said:

We’ve been positively shamed by a players’ response to a story and their romantic tie to Aloy. Should a supplement happen, a series one idea would be to honour that tie by doing a pinnacle to emanate a story that resonates only as deeply.

We feel duty-bound to respect a time that players have invested into Horizon: Zero Dawn. The final thing we wish to do is defect a folks who have given a diversion such a ardent support.

Art Director Jan-Bart outpost Beek, on a other hand, has a specific area that could be stretched upon.

More machines. They are a lot of fun to design, build, animate, and play with. we wish we could have finished a hundred. But existence is a oppressive mistress; it doesn’t concede we to make hundreds of machines.

The talk also has some hints on improvements that competence come to Horizon: Zero Dawn and destiny entries in a franchise. Guerrilla’s Game Director Mathijs de Jonge addressed some of a critiques modernized to a diversion with a following words:

It’s been a large plan for us and I’m unequivocally happy how it all came together. we see a lot of regard for a accumulation a universe offers and a knowledge as a whole. That some tools don’t gleam utterly as brightly as others is something that was kind of unavoidable due to a scope. We are looking closely during any critiques as partial of plotting out a skeleton for a destiny of Horizon.

de Jonge also explained because there are some-more weapons than those Aloy can supply during once; it sounds like this might be even patched in a future.

At some indicate we had some-more weapons on a wheel, yet a controls got in a approach with how discerning we wanted a switching routine to be; it only got too finicky. We have some ideas on how we can urge weapon/loadout switching, yet we can’t share anything on this yet.

Guerrilla’s Horizon: Zero Dawn sole 2.6 million units in a initial dual weeks given a launch, that flattering most cumulative a supplement yet a developers are operative on a story enlargement first.

Read a examination by Chris to find out because it’s a good game.

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