Published On: Sat, Oct 7th, 2017

GTA Online Will Soon Add Transform Races, A Batmobile-Inspired Ride, And More

Grand Theft Auto Online marks a fourth birthday this month, and Rockstar is celebrating by announcing a whole slew of new goodies, set to arrive soon. This calm includes new Transform Races, Adversary modes, and even a very-thinly-veiled Batmobile!

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Transform Races takes GTA Online’s attempt racing to a subsequent level, by permitting we to burst from land, to sea, to atmosphere within a singular race. Here’s Rockstar’s full rundown:

“Instantly brew car and competition forms as we switch between land, sea and atmosphere in Transform Races, a subsequent expansion of attempt racing in GTA Online. Transform Races are new and singular attempt marks that seamlessly transition opposite land, sea and air, using a progression of car forms – all from Supers and Off-Roads, to Boats, Planes, and Helicopters – and even skydiving thrown in for good measure.”

Rockstar is also earnest dual new Adversary modes, Condemned and Dogfight:

“Condemned is a riot with one actor on a time as a passed male walking, where your usually possibility during presence is flitting this genocide judgment on to an opponent. Meanwhile Dogfight lets we live out your warrior commander fantasies and send a antithesis spiraling to their doom.”

Plenty of new vehicles are also on a way, including a Hunter conflict chopper, Coil Cyclone supercar, and Vigilante Batmobile stand-in. we know that one I’ll be perplexing out first!

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Transform Races will launch after this month, while a new Adversary modes and other goodies will come someday “this fall.” Of course, tumble technically extends until Dec 21, though we can substantially design many of this calm to arrive before a final leaves dump in late Oct or November. Rockstar promises even some-more stuff, including new Weaponized Vehicles, will arrive “later this year.”

Who out there’s still personification GTA Online? Excited for a Transform Races and other additions? Discuss a arriving content, below.

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