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Growth is not enough | #1 Technology News Source by Kalen2utech
Published On: Fri, Jul 30th, 2021

Growth is not enough

Hello and acquire behind to Equity, TechCrunch’s try capital-focused podcast, where we empty a numbers behind a headlines.

We were a smaller group this week, with Natasha and Alex together with Grace and Chris to arrange by a week that brought together both this quarter’s gain cycle, and a Q3 IPO rush. So, it was only a small busy!

Before we get to topics, however, a note that we are carrying a lot of fun recording these live on Twitter Spaces. We’ve found a hacky approach to constraint internal audio and also share a chats live. So, strike us adult on Twitter so we can hang out with us. It’s fun – and we might even move we adult on theatre to play guest host.

Ok, now, to a Great List of Subjects:

  • Robinhood went public! Yep, during prolonged last, it is done. The association labelled during $38 per share, a low finish of a range, and had a medium-weak day of trade once it started to float. In short, Robinhood seems to have skilfully labelled a IPO, withdrawal 0 fat on a table. So, it is now richer than ever, and public. More here.
  • Earnings! We took a impulse to discuss about gain reports from Alphabet, and Microsoft, and Shopify. Why? Because we caring lots about a cloud and height companies. So, we took a notation to discuss about open cloud results, and what Shopify got adult to.
  • Batteries! Tesla is relocating towards iron-based batteries, and is looking to source other materials direct. At a same time battery recycling is lifting lots of cash, and Nikola is Not Dead. We call it dual truths and a lie.
  • Unicorns and soon-to-be’s: Contentful lifted $175M during a $3B gratefulness from Tiger for a calm smoothness service, Squire, a barbershop tech platform, tripled a gratefulness (again) with Tiger Global (again), and Class squashed merger rumors with SoftBank Vision Fund II funding,
  • More try rounds! To top off a try roundup, dual neat healthtech investments stood out, namely rounds from both Oova and Peppy. Both startups determine with a thought that hormonal health is a large nonetheless nascent opportunity. (We did an whole uncover about a imbalanced universe of hormone startups if you’re interested).
  • We finished on a low-pitched note, that propitious for we all, didn’t embody us singing: accommodate a party of early-stage song startups

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