Published On: Wed, Nov 8th, 2017

Greta Van Susteren is releasing an reparation app called Sorry

Former wire news anchor Greta Van Susteren is prepared to burst into a app marketplace with an reparation app, according to a Facebook post she put adult today.

Van Susteren says in a post she’ll be releasing her initial app, “Sorry,” that she’s spent some-more than a year on already, to let people send apologies to one another.

“SNAPCHAT AND INSTAGRAM are about to get some competition!” writes Susteren on a post. “You will get to ‘accept or reject’ apologies from a crony (kept private between we and your friend) or ‘accept or reject’ apologies of open total that we ALL get to see and opinion to accept or reject.”

Susteren goes on to fact certain use cases, like when Kathy Griffin publicly apologized, presumably for holding adult a feign conduct of Donald Trump on TV.

“Was it enough? or not?” Susteren asks. “And how would [Griffin] know if her reparation was supposed but a opinion counter?”

This, of course, begs a doubt about either we need such an app. Clearly, Kathy Griffin knew her act was not supposed shortly after she did it. Countless news programs hounded a comedian and singer and after she sent out a open reparation by a common channels. People were afterwards means to criticism in several places online.

Obviously, we can also send a content or Facebook summary apologizing to a crony in private and celebrities can spin to their government group or Twitter to publicly apologize. As illustrated above, a justice of open opinion will quickly be famous from there.

While Van Susteren’s fans seem eager about her new endeavor, it seems genuine to contend a app will give any height — Snapchat, Facebook or differently — any kind of loyal competition.

And even but nonetheless launching, people on Twitter are already derisive a app.

Undaunted, Van Susteren wrote, in all caps, “SO MANY MORE DETAILS AND FEATURES TO COME.”

We’re watchful to see if a former anchor will finish adult publicly apologizing for a thought or not.

In any case, a app will be accessible for giveaway on a App Store this Nov 14th.

Featured Image: Mark Reinstein / Contributor/Getty Images

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