Published On: Wed, Mar 11th, 2020

Graphite brings unicorn product credentials to expansion marketing

Graphite is part of a new call of expansion selling consultancies launched by former product leaders during successful startups. With a specialization in SEO, and a customer list that has enclosed Masterclass, Thumbtack, Honey, Personal Capital, and more, a idea is to assistance make a disproportion for an desirous association with product-market fit.

As owner Ethan Smith relates below, a remote-first group also has a prophesy to change a attribute between expansion marketers and companies. Rather than being treated as comparatively transmutable employees who yield identical incremental value, expansion marketers can be a categorical disproportion for a association that has a few rounds of appropriation and large unrealized dreams. So, since settle for a tiny square of a large top table? “In sequence to maximize a impact we can have on a world,” says owner Ethan Smith diplomatically, “we should work with many companies rather than customarily one.”

Graphite’s growth-stage focus

One of a many critical metrics we demeanour during is influence and either a association has product marketplace fit. Companies that are pre-product marketplace fit should not concentration on growth, they should concentration on removing their product right. Once a product has fit, they’re prepared to grow. We customarily work with companies post Series B adult to open companies since we trust we can emanate a many impact.

Why SEO?

SEO is one of a core foci, and it is intolerable how small supply there is of SEO talent relations to a distance of this channel. For many companies, SEO is not customarily a largest channel of growth, it is incomparable than all other channels combined.

Below, you’ll find a rest of a owner reviews, a full interview, and some-more sum about how it works. This form is partial of a ongoing array covering startup growth selling agencies with whom founders adore to work, formed on this survey and a possess research. The consult is open indefinitely, so greatfully fill it out if we haven’t already. 

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