Published On: Tue, Aug 15th, 2017

Grab These 6 Paid iOS Apps Absolutely FREE for a Limited Time

It’s a code new day, and we are behind with a code new list of paid iOS apps that have left positively giveaway for a singular duration of time.

Download a Bunch of Paid iOS Apps for FREE – Offer Available for a Limited Period of Time

In today’s list we will be highlighting a garland of good iOS apps that have strew their cost tags for a tiny duration of time. It’s best to practice some promptness in sequence to relief all these deals on time.

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Are we ready? Let’s get downloading!

Legend – Regular cost $1.99, Now FREE

Turn content into overwhelming animations!
Put your difference in motion. Inspire people. Make friends laugh. In usually 2 taps!
Perfect for Instagram, Twitter, iMessage, WhatsApp. Save video or GIF.

Download Legend for iOS [App Store link]

Color Magnet – Regular cost $2.99, Now FREE

Color Magnet is a elementary nonetheless defying and addictive nonplus diversion that hurdles your mind and sharpens your mental skills.

Shoot magnets to a house to attract blocks of a same tone and get a multiple of during slightest 5 to make them pop. Only a closest blocks in a same quarrel and mainstay will be pushed. Whatever we do, usually remember: don’t let a blocks strech a bottom!

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Relaxing and minimalist, with a purify and discriminating design, Color Magnet puts your nonplus skills to a exam with a singular gameplay and crafty concept.

Download Color Magnet for iOS [App Store link]

Big Truck – Regular cost $1.99, Now FREE

Big Truck is a simple, though really fun to play game. You usually have to expostulate a lorry opposite severe turf and make certain that your products get to a end safely. You will get a accurate series of products we lift and a accurate series of products that is required. The some-more we bring, a some-more measure and coins we get.

Download Big Truck for iOS [App Store link]

Listify – Regular cost $1.99, Now FREE

Listify designed as a elementary and superb resolution to all a lists we make. It’s uses are usually singular by your imagination. With an importance on discerning entry, a purify interface, as good as information that syncs to all your inclination in genuine time, a app is elementary though really powerful.

Download Listify for iOS [App Store link]

Password Safe – Regular cost $3.99, Now FREE

iPassSafe is accessible on AppStore given early 2011 with some-more than 600,000 users worldwide, it delivers many comprehensive, user accessible and arguable resolution to personal information security.

Download Password Safe for iOS [App Store link]

SPEEDOMETER – Regular cost $0.99, Now FREE

PEEDOMETER – Displays your stream speed, normal and tip speed, trafficked stretch in KM and Miles, outing time and map and compass for a improved orientation. Also, we can emanate tradition speed boundary that have several tones for alerts, setup tradition accelerations speed. There are no difficult setup menus for that, that is really convenient!

Download SPEEDOMETER for iOS [App Store link]

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