Published On: Mon, Aug 10th, 2015

Govberg’s OnTime App Lets You Keep A Virtual Watch Box On Your Phone

Watch collectors are weird. Sometimes they devise meetups where they get together with their whole watch collections and fondle any others’ timepieces, breathless with excitement. In short, if we ever see a garland of grown group looking during Seikos from a 1970s while hyperventilating… run.

For a rest of us – or, actually, for a loyal watch recurrent who doesn’t wish to go to a meetup – Govberg Jewelers has combined a OnTime app, a practical watch box for iOS and Android.

This self-funded plan is a brainchild of Danny Govberg, a Philadelphia-based jeweler who has been in a business of offered costly watches for years. His app is directed during collectors who wish to keep lane of their watches and, perhaps, make a tie by pity their list of singular Panerais with other obsessives.

The app shows watch news from several sources including ABlogToWatch and Hondinkee and also allows we to enter sum per your collection. For example, we can take a design of your favorites and supplement a sequence series and anxiety number. Govberg has also combined links to sell and value a watch (which gives we some clarity of a monetization strategy).

They’ve seen about 23,000 users given a iOS launch in Apr and they have only announced accessibility on Android.

“We didn’t build a app only as a means to sell some-more watches; we wanted to emanate a cohesive apparatus to support all aspects of watch enthusiast’s life and to strengthen a gourmet village as a whole,” pronounced Govberg. The idea is to supplement a series of new facilities including a sales complement to a app over time.


Can this app kick incumbents like Watchville or, exclusive a an electronic solution, a elementary act of boring your watch box to a bar? Time will tell, though until afterwards can we tell we a small bit about my pleasant Rolex Submariner Ref. 6536? It’s got a really cold red abyss rating that no one has ever seen in a wild. Buy me another drink and I’ll uncover it to you.

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