Published On: Wed, Nov 25th, 2015

Google’s Star Wars Easter Egg Is Adorable And Timely


Hey! Have we heard? There’s a new Star Wars film entrance out. Surprise! we know, right? Who knew. You’d consider someone would have pronounced something about it by now.

Just kidding. Star Wars is on only about all right now. Really. Walk into a fondle store. Star. Wars. Everything.

Now it’s all adult in Google.

Go to Google and hunt for “A prolonged time ago in a universe distant distant away” but a quotes. Or only click this link. Update: curiously, it doesn’t seem to work in Firefox. Perhaps it’s regulating some cunning that Firefox doesn’t support to grasp a effect. If it doesn’t work in your browser, try Chrome.

BOOM. Your hunt results, remade to demeanour like one of a many iconic opening narratives of all time. Be certain to daub that unmute idol in a top right for a full effect.

(And if we don’t get because that specific query triggers a egg… come on.)

It’s almost, almost as cold as this Doctor Who easter egg dark in Google Maps. But… not quite.

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