Published On: Fri, Dec 23rd, 2016

Google’s Solution To Pixel XL’s Audio Problems? A Refund And No Fixes/Replacements

Google done a large smartphone pierce this year. Mountain View particularly entered a flagship smartphone competition with a Google Pixel and Pixel XL. The span underline considerable camera and hardware specifications. They also supplement a rather musty proceed to a flagship market, with other manufacturers mostly selecting to opt for pattern approaches that are particularly premium. However, a lineup rise some bizarre audio issues recently. After acknowledgment, Google now looks to have momentarily given adult on elucidate them.

Google Contacts Owner With Defective Pixel XL; Tells Him To Go Buy Another Device

Just yesterday, we reported that a lot of users had started to confront audio problems with a Pixel and Pixel XLs. The device issued enormous noises when volume was during a tip 3 levels or while a device was using specific applications. The reasons behind this problems can be attributed to a lot of factors. For starters, it can be hardware based, with bad speakers on a devices. Secondly, it can also be program formed as a phones don’t conduct outlay adult to expectations.

One of a users, Mark Buckman reported that he had left by 4 Pixel XLs, looking to unsuccessfully solve a problem. After Google concurred a emanate yesterday, a association has also directly replied to Buckman’s query. If we were anticipating for a resolution to a problem, you’re in for some disappointment. The company’s resolution to a matter is a elementary one. Take a demeanour below.


Google’s educated Mark to lapse a device 14 days from now and accept a refund. Mark’s giveaway to buy possibly another Pixel XL or a new smartphone with a money. This creates us extraordinary about a inlet of a problem. Has Google been means to get to a base of it? Or has a association been incompetent to possibly detect it or find a fix? Neither one of these outcomes demeanour to be earnest for a lineup.

While it isn’t different for inclination to rise problems post launch, as anyone informed with a iPhone’s bendgate, receiver embankment and HTC’s overheating problems with a One M9 will demonstrate to, companies generally conduct to solve a problem. Maybe Google’s looking during methods to solve a problem and doesn’t wish to rubbish Burman’s time. Whatever a box maybe, he won’t get to use a phone in a nearby future, as he’d hoped initially. Thoughts? Let us know what we consider in a comments territory next and stay tuned for a latest.

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