Published On: Mon, Aug 31st, 2015

Google’s Self-Driving Car Tests Continue In Austin, Sans Humans (And Don’t Worry, It Can Handle Deer)

Google announced in Jul that it’d be holding a self-driving automobile exam on a road…to pleasing Austin. It has finished only that, and a association looks to be expanding a tests it’s doing as well. Texas is a fifth state to legalize a self-driving technology.

According to Google, a tests are now involving those small little two-seat “Google Cars” and this time there are no humans behind a circle during all.

The fun partial of a enlargement is that any city has a possess singular complications and that means that internal press gets to ask humorous questions like how a automobile will reason adult opposite a deer:

“Yes, it can hoop deer,” pronounced Jennifer Haroon, conduct of business operations for Google’s self-driving automobile project.


Whew. Good to know. Wait. Handle them how? Let’s assume Google means a automobile can snake around a deer. Moving along. It’s good to know that a Austin village cares about a internal animals.


Up until now, a self-driving cars have been tested with reserve humans (isn’t that a lovable term?) behind a circle outward of Mountain View. That means that a motorist could take over for a self-driving automobile during any impulse to equivocate something bigger than a deer, or if a motorist got inspired and wanted to obstruct a exam to a McDonalds for lunch. Austin now gets a spin to be freaked out during saying no people in a automobile whatsoever. Have fun!

NOTE: If we see a deer behind a circle of one of these badboys, snap a pic and send it into

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