Published On: Tue, Feb 28th, 2017

Google’s note-taking app Keep joins G Suite, now integrates with Google Docs

Google Keep, a aspirant to note-taking apps like Evernote and Microsoft’s OneNote, is currently being integrated into Google’s apartment of applications directed during businesses, G Suite (previously, Google Apps for Your Domain). This allows Keep to turn a partial of users’ workflow for capturing ideas, jotting down discerning reminders or to-dos, formulating checklists, holding assembly records and more. Along with a further to G Suite, Google Keep is also now being integrated with Google Docs.

That means you’ll be means to drag and dump records from Keep into your work documents, Google explains. This underline is accessible around a web only, and requires we initial have Docs installed and open in your browser. Then, you’ll entrance a Keep notepad from a Tools menu, that places your Keep records into a sidebar within a Docs user interface.

From there, you’ll be means to squeeze a notes, including images and checklists, and lift them right into your document.


In addition, you’re means to hunt your Keep records from Google Docs, as good as add a new note to Keep while you’re operative in Docs. To accomplish this latter task, you’ll name a content in your document, afterwards right-click on a preference and select “Save to Keep notepad.”

What’s crafty about this formation is that a note also will embody a couple behind to a source request when it’s combined this way.

The pierce to enhance Keep over a consumer user bottom creates sense, given that many business, supervision and preparation users might have already been regulating a app on their own. As a partial of G Suite, those business-focused records can now be kept firmly within a company’s possess domain, where they can be managed, upheld and done searchable.

Keep is accessible to G Suite business as of today, where it can be used on Android, iOS, Chrome or web.

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