Published On: Tue, May 23rd, 2017

Google’s new website explains Syrian interloper predicament with 360 grade photos, satellite imagery, video & more

The free arm of Google and a UN have teamed adult on a new website directed during assisting people improved know a Syrian interloper predicament by a multiple of information from a United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) along with satellite imagery, 360 grade photos and stills, videos, stories from refugees, and more. The new site, called “Searching for Syria,” presents this information to visitors in an permitted approach – by providing elementary though visually immersive answers to questions like “What is function in Syria?” and even, “what is a refugee?”

Google explained that it’s been means to sign how most worldwide seductiveness there is on a web from people regulating a hunt engine for answers to simple questions about a interloper conditions in Syria. “What is function in Syria?” was among a tip trending searches in Germany, France and a U.K. final year, for example, and over tens of millions in 2016 searched for information on a Syria.

The company, including its arm, partnered with a UNHCR to mix a organization’s annual Global Trends news – that contains contribution and total about refugees, asylum-seekers, migrants and others – with Google’s Search trend data. The thought is to offer web searchers improved answers to their ongoing questions, though one that taps into some-more visible imagery to help paint a design of a tellurian side of a crisis, and a scale of a conditions in a nation of Syria.

The site starts with a brief introduction, afterwards takes we pages of questions about Syria, like “What was Syria like before a war?,” “What is going on in Syria?” “Where are Syrian refugees going?” and others.

Questions are answered with brief content blurbs relying significant answers and statistics, that are total with full-screen photos, some of that can be incited 360 degrees for a some-more immersive observation of a given place or scene.

For example, one territory of a website lets we revisit half a dozen UNESCO universe birthright sites in 360 degrees, including a ancient cities of Aleppo, Bosra, and Damascus, a ancient villages of Northern Syria, Crac des Chevaliers and Qal’at Salah El-Din and a site of Palmyra. After panning by a pleasing imagery, we corkscrew down to a subsequent slip and learn that a fight in Syria has shop-worn or broken them all.

Visualization in a form of charts and graphs are also infrequently present, along with personal stories from refugees and videos from YouTube.

There are usually 5 questions on a site, though scrolling by all their components takes some time. In reading by and examination a material, visitors are meant to know a loyal tellurian fee a fight has taken on Syrian lives.

The site also encourages visitors to learn how they can assistance – by signing a UNHCR’s petition to oath your support that we mount #WithRefugees, creation a donation, or only pity a website to lift awareness.

Though mostly an educational experience, there’s of march a domestic trace to Google’s investment in this resource.

The U.S. and some other countries have pushed behind opposite permitting Syrian refugees to cross their borders. This includes Trump’s hardline position on Syria in ubiquitous in that a boss has due cuts to unfamiliar aid, including a U.N. and agencies assisting refugees. He has also attempted to stop Syrian refugees from entering a nation twice – moves that were blocked by courts. Meanwhile, on Sunday, a U.S. envoy to a U.N. – clearly ignoring Trump’s due bill – has pledged increasing support from a U.S. for a refugees.

This is not’s initial time addressing a predicament – it has already invested some-more than $20 million in grants ancillary solutions to yield over 800,000 refugees with puncture support and entrance to vicious information and education, a association says.

The new site is accessible here.

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