Published On: Thu, Feb 4th, 2021

Google’s new subsea wire between a US and Europe is now online

Google, together with a partner SubCom, currently announced that a company’s secretly owned Dunant subsea wire between Virginia Beach, Virginia and Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez on a French Atlantic seashore is now operational.

Google initial announced this project, that was named after a initial Nobel Peace Prize leader and owner of a Red Cross, Henry Dunant, back in a center of 2018. At a time it approaching a plan to go live in 2020, yet besides traffic with a complications of travelling a prolonged wire between continents, a plan leaders substantially didn’t bill for a pestilence during a time.

The roughly 4,000-mile wire has a sum ability of 250 terabits per second — or adequate to broadcast a “entire digitized Library of Congress 3 times each second” (though maybe regulating Library of Congress information distance references is starting to feel a bit superannuated during this point?). Unlike some comparison cables, Dunant uses 12 fiber pairs, joined with a series of technical innovations around maximizing a bandwidth, to grasp these numbers.

Google builds a possess subsea wire from a US to France

“Google is dedicated to assembly a bursting direct for cloud services and online calm that continues unabated,” pronounced Mark Sokol, comparison executive of Infrastructure, Google Cloud. “With record-breaking ability and delivery speeds, Dunant will assistance users entrance calm wherever they might be and further one of a busiest routes on a internet to support a expansion of Google Cloud. Dunant is a conspicuous feat that would not have been probable but a loyalty of both SubCom and Google’s employees, partners, and suppliers, who overcame mixed hurdles this year to make this complement a reality.”


Image Credits: Google

With Dunant now being operational, a subsequent Google wire to go live will be a Grace Hopper wire between New York and Europe, with alighting sites in Bilbao, Spain and Bude, UK. Google initial announced this new cable, that it is also building in partnership with SubCom, final July. It’s approaching to go online in 2022 and will underline a sum of 16 fiber pairs.

In addition, Google is also building a Equiano wire from South Africa to Portugal. This wire is ostensible to go online after this year.

In further to a secretly owned cables, Google is also a partner in a series of consortiums that rope together to build wire systems.

Image Credits: Google

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