Published On: Tue, Aug 11th, 2020

Google’s Lookout app for vision-impaired now scans food labels and prolonged documents

Google has updated a Lookout app, an AI toolkit for people with marred vision, with dual useful new capabilities: scanning prolonged papers and reading out food labels. Paper forms and similarly-shaped products during a store benefaction a plea for blind folks and this ought to make things easier.

Food labels, if we consider about it, are indeed a flattering formidable problem for a mechanism prophesy complement to solve. They’re designed to be attention-grabbing and distinctive, though not indispensably rarely entertaining or informative. If a sighted chairman can incidentally buy a wrong kind of peanut butter, what possibility does someone who can’t review a tag themselves have?

GIF of Google's Lookout app display it identifying a jar of mustard.

Image Credits: Google

The new food tag mode, then, is reduction about reading content and some-more about noticing accurately what product it’s looking at. If a user needs to spin a can or bottle to give a camera a good look, a app will tell them so. It compares what it sees to a database of product images, and when it gets a compare it reads off a applicable information: brand, product, flavor, other applicable information. If there’s a problem, a app can always indicate a barcode as well.

Document scanning isn’t accurately exciting, though it’s good to have a choice built in a candid approach into a general-purpose synthetic prophesy app. It works as you’d expect: Point your phone during a request (the app will assistance we get a whole thing in view) and it scans it for your shade reader to review out.

The “quick read” mode that a app debuted with final year, that watches for content in a camera perspective and reads it out loud, has gotten some speed improvements.

The refurbish brings a few other conveniences to a app, that should run on any Android phone with 2 gigs of RAM and using chronicle 6.0 or higher. It’s also now accessible in Spanish, German, French, and Italian.

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