Published On: Mon, Feb 27th, 2017

Google’s iOS Keyboard gets a one underline it unequivocally lacked: voice typing


I unequivocally like Gboard. It’s been my primary iOS keyboard given Google launched it behind in May of 2016, and it’s flattering most a usually third celebration iOS keyboard that I’ve stranded with for some-more than a week.

But it was blank one vivid underline that iOS’ possess keyboard has offering for years: voice transcription. Not anymore!

Google shipped an refurbish to Gboard this morning that brings voice-based typing along with support for a garland of new languages (bumping a sum adult to 15) and support for a new emoji found in iOS 10.

To activate a voice typing — after you’ve finished certain to update, of march — only reason down a microphone idol on a space bar for a second or dual and afterwards release. A new shade (actually built into a primogenitor Gboard app that we differently flattering most never see after install) will slip in with a pulsing microphone. Say what you’ve got to contend and Google will register accordingly, afterwards it’ll dump your difference behind into a final content margin we were in.

It’s a little bit some-more wonky than iOS’ possess implementation, though it gets a pursuit done. It’s unequivocally a flattering crafty work around: Apple doesn’t let third celebration keyboards entrance a microphone, though third celebration applications — including a one that acts as a “parent” of a third celebration keyboard (giving it a homescreen idol and so creation it simply deletable) — can. So Gboard (the keyboard) dumps we into Gboard (the app) for voice recognition, afterwards sends a formula behind as keyboard submit in whatever app you’re using.

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