Published On: Tue, Jan 9th, 2018

Google’s initial WorldSense VR headset, a Lenovo Mirage Solo, ships in Q2 for ‘under $400’

We got a initial full demeanour during a positionally tracked Daydream headset using Google’s WorldSense record today.

Lenovo denounced a Mirage Solo headset today, that it hopes to boat in a second entertain of this year. The standalone device will foe a Qualcomm 835 chipset, 4GB of RAM and 64 gigs of onboard memory. It also will have twin mics, a headphone jack (!) and a 2560 x 1440 LCD screen. The association claims 7 hours of battery life, which, if accurate, is flattering great.

The large news is a support for Google WorldSense, an inside-out positional tracking record matching to what Microsoft uses on a line of “Mixed Reality” VR headsets.

Though a Mirage Solo sports positional tracking, a device might eventually still be singular by a Wiimote-like controller, that is matching in blueprint to what ships with a Daydream View, Google’s headset for smartphone-based mobile VR. Oculus is operative on a positionally-tracked headset, now code-named Santa Cruz, that also will have tracked controllers that will assistance broach practice some-more allied to what’s probable on high-end headsets now.

There is utterly a bit of Daydream calm now accessible by Google’s VR storefront, a doubt is either a Lenovo headset will be renouned adequate to expostulate developers to refurbish calm for a positional tracking and emanate unconditionally new practice that are usually probable with a 6DoF tracking technology. Today, Google announced a Blade Runner diversion that we can play on a Solo.

The headset is being labelled flattering aggressively by Lenovo, that doesn’t have a final cost set, though says a device will cost reduction than $400. At a moment, this headset is a sole WorldSense headset in existence, and though any new partnership announcements, it will stay that approach for a bit. HTC had initially signed on to launch a headset formed on a Google platform, though canceled their skeleton and chose to recover their Vive Focus headset exclusively in China in partnership with Qualcomm. That headset is retailing for around US$600.

Lenovo’s headset will have suggestive foe in Facebook’s Oculus Go. The $199 headset will miss a Mirage Solo’s positional tracking and some-more absolute internals, though sits during what might be a most some-more savoury cost indicate for consumers wanting to coquette with a record though who aren’t utterly prepared to buy a massive PC or a diversion console variant.

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