Published On: Mon, Aug 31st, 2015

Google’s App Search Results Now Look More Like An App Store

Google has been operative for some time to urge how it highlights mobile apps, and a information they contain, in a hunt results. And now, Android users behaving Google searches for apps outward a Play Store will notice a large change in how apps are being presented in hunt results.

Where before, apps were listed one-by-one with any app on a possess line followed by a couple to see “more” apps of a same kind, a new hunt formula interface instead displays a endorsed apps in a colorful, grid-like settlement that’s reminiscent of an app store’s look-and-feel.

The updated pattern was recently speckled in a furious by a series of sold users and blogs, including Android Police and Search Engine Land, for example, nonetheless no grave proclamation about a change has been done on Google’s part.

The change, that seems to be partly shabby by Google’s new pattern denunciation famous as Material Design, unequivocally pulls a eye to a app listings with a splendid colors used as a credentials for each app’s tile. (It appears that a credentials is being matched to colors within a app’s icon, maybe algorithmically.)

But it does so during a responsibility of a information that prior app hunt formula offered. Before, app formula had room to offer a brief outline of a app during hand, a new tiled grid is singular to display title, rating (and how many people have reviewed it), along with a price. To learn more, we now have to click on a app that leads we to a Google Play Store.

In addition, carrying a apps organised on a grid so tighten to any other creates it easier to see a hapless and mostly disproportionate pattern choices for idol styles opposite a Play Store. Unlike in Apple’s iTunes, where specific discipline are inspected for things like icon distance and shape, some of a Android app icons will be incomparable squares, some are squares with rounded edges, some are round, some are only opposite shapes altogether (like cinema of cameras or folder icons), and so on.

You can see a new app hunt formula for yourself by acid for scarcely any tenure followed by a word “apps” on Google from your Android device. Not everybody has reported saying a updated hunt formula yet, that could prove that Google is still rolling out a new demeanour to a user base. (We’ve asked Google to clarify).

Google has done a series of changes in new months to improved confederate mobile applications into Google Search results, as a business becomes increasingly mobile. For example, in April, a hunt formula on Android were updated with prompts to implement apps that featured content applicable to a user’s search query.

That way, if we were acid for a sold recipe, Google competence couple we to an app that offering a recipe that matched your hunt term. Thanks to app indexing, it could also couple we directly to a page within a app where a recipe was located, after we downloaded and non-stop a app for a initial time.

The association after rolled out a identical underline for iOS apps in May.

However, Google searches currently on iOS still uncover a aged line-by-line inventory when showcasing app formula instead of a new, colorful grid.

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(Image/video credit: Android Police)

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