Published On: Wed, Feb 8th, 2017

Google Will Soon Remove Junk Apps From Play Store For Violating User Data Policy

Google had progressing hinted that it will be monitoring a Play Store closely, generally for gripping a check on remoteness routine confluence by apps. Following a process, given a final 24 hours, Google had been promulgation notices to app developers worldwide. In a central notice, a hunt engine hulk is warning developers towards imminent movement such as “limited visibility” or “app removal” if there is defilement of User Data policy.

The reason behind promulgation a presentation is to fight a apps that meddler on user data. The movement will impact a feign apps that are combined for a solitary purpose of dark user data. Such apps will face a vital jar of a clarification expostulate executed by Google. For a ones who will equivocate a notice and make no changes to their app’s functionality – their app will be private from Google Play Store.

Here’s a screenshot of a warning message:

In a notice, Google warns app developers to embody remoteness routine by Mar 15. If they destroy to do so, afterwards Google will possibly mislay their app from a Play store or extent a visibility.

Commenting on a clarification expostulate by Google, Hip Hop Ninja app developer, Jack Cooney told The Next Web:

I consider it’s fantastic, this will transparent the Google Play store of so many junk and zombie apps that a games will find increasing prominence on a store as a hunt terms will turn most reduction cluttered.

This will make it easier for people to be means to find a app’s like Hop Hop Ninja! with improved keyword searches like ninja or Nerd Agency and find most some-more applicable results. (A prior pain indicate of building for Android).

For a developers who run authentic apps and have a purify remoteness policy, this pierce will be a bonus in costume as it will clean off feign apps and boost a prominence of strange apps. In elementary terms, it will declutter Play Store and assistance users in installing apps that have no dark information dark algorithms.

One of a vital shortcomings on Play Store is a participation of so many apps, that make it tough for users to find accurately what they are looking for on a platform. This new pierce will undo junk apps from a Play Store and strengthen keyword hunt for central apps. Google’s clarification expostulate will be a clever pierce to safeguard a confluence of user remoteness policy.


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