Published On: Mon, Aug 10th, 2015

Google Will Soon Bring Metal-Like, Low-Overhead Graphics API To Android

Google currently announced that it will shortly support a Khronos Group’s Vulkan graphics API on Android.

The idea of Vulkan is really identical to that of Apple’s Metal API for iOS and OS X. Vulkan is a low-overhead graphics API that gives developers some-more approach entrance to a graphics processor and control over how their graphics are rendered.

In today’s announcement, Google argues that stream APIs are “not designed for multi-threaded use, requiring synchronization with thatch around calls that could be some-more well finished in parallel.”

The Vulkan API is being grown and confirmed by a Krhonos Group — the organization behind OpenGL,WebGL and identical standards. Indeed,Vulkan is radically a subsequent era of OpenGL. The Khronos organisation first announced Vulkan in March, together with a operation of module and hardware partners. But a API needs support from the handling system, too, and during a time, Google wasn’t nonetheless on board.


“Hardware and module companies need an open 3D API to maximize marketplace strech and minimize porting costs, and Vulkan is being fake by a extended consortium of attention leaders to do accurately that,” pronounced Neil Trevett, boss of a Khronos Group. “Vulkan’s adoption and accessibility on platforms such as Android, Windows, Linux and SteamOS will safeguard clever developer support – formulating a resources of high-quality calm and applications for any height that leverages this royalty-free standard.”

The customary is still a work in progress, though. Chances are it won’t be partial of Google’s Android M handling complement when it launches after this year, though companies like Imagination Technologies (the association behind a PowerVR GPUs) are already demoing Vulkan’s energy on Android during currently (using a antecedent driver).

Currently, Google supports a OpenGL ES customary on Android and a association says it will continue to do so. OpenGL ES will expected sojourn easier to use for developers for a time being, though Vulkan will give them some-more control. “We’re committed to providing an glorious developer experience, no matter that API we choose,” Google technical module manager Shannon Woods says in today’s announcement.


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