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Google will lift the QPX Express API in Apr 2018, slicing off the airfare feed

As Google gradually builds out a footprint in transport search, a association is also creation a pierce to tighten down one of a information feeds to others in a transport space.

The association has sensitively announced that in Apr of subsequent year, it will tighten down a QPX Express API, an airfare hunt feed that launched out of Google’s $700 million merger of ITA in 2010/2011. (For a blast from a past, review a strange proclamation of that understanding from then-Google hunt VP Marissa Mayer.)

Google suggested a skeleton to tighten a use in an refurbish to a frequently asked questions about a API. It also sent a note to API users (published on HackerNews). The final tighten down will take place on Apr 10, 2018. Between now and then, it will not take on new users, and existent users will get a reduced rate on any API calls. The use price will now be $0.02 per query, down from $0.035, after a initial 50 queries, that are free.

Google has reliable a closure to us in an emailed statement, citing low usage.

“We motionless to no longer support a QPX Express API given a low seductiveness among a transport partners. Instead, we’ll concentration on a other craving solutions for partners and users,” pronounced a Google spokesperson.

A chronicle directed during incomparable businesses, QPX Enterprise, will continue to operate, a Google orator confirmed. QPX Enterprise generates a immeasurable infancy of revenues in a transport information business, from what we understand.

Google is also shutting down during slightest one other flight-related use as well. OnTheFly, ITA’s mobile flight-search app, will stop to work after Dec 2017, Google said, suggesting that users instead possibly use Google Flights or Matrix, ITA’s bequest moody hunt page that still seems to be going.

The QPX Express API closure should not come as a warn for a few reasons. For one, it’s not surprising for Google (and others) to tighten down services, and APIs that third-party developers count on are certainly not spared in Google’s unchanging open cleaning exercises.

It’s not transparent is how many active users this sold API has currently, or what revenues Google done from a deal, or a reason for a decision. (We’ve contacted Google with questions and will refurbish as and when we hear more.)

One guesstimate from behind in 2011 was that a whole ITA business had annual revenues of between $200 million and $250 million, some-more than Kayak during a time.

Customers of QPX have enclosed a lot of domicile names, who would have used a hunt use and connected it with a apart purchasing platform. Bing TravelCape Air, CheapTickets,, Orbitz, Alitalia, AmericanANAUnited AirlinesUS Airways, and Virgin Atlantic have all been named as customers. 

A miss of use — mostly one of a rationales for pulling a use — competence have been usually one reason for a QPX API closure, in any case. As partial of a regulatory clearway to buy ITA, Google was compulsory to yield third-party entrance to a program and information for during slightest 5 years from a time that a understanding closed. That happened on Apr 12, 2011, so we’re past a final boarding call, so to speak. The QPX Express, a orator tells me, was launched 3 years after a understanding was announced, in 2013. In other words, it will be around a five-year symbol of age when it shutters.

Interestingly, it seems that competitors were fine with Google’s ITA merger when it was announced, in partial since they seemed to consider that Google would be theme to closer regulatory inspection as a outcome (hah). We’ve reached out to Fairsearch, one of a some-more outspoken groups hostile Google in straight search, to get a greeting to this latest news and will refurbish this story as and when we hear back.

At a time, Google itself remarkable that it didn’t contest opposite ITA users, so it, too, wanted to keep operative with them:

“Because Google doesn’t now contest opposite ITA Software, a deal will not change existent marketplace shares,” a association remarkable in a matter during a time. “We are really vehement about ITA Software’s QPX business, and we’re looking brazen to operative with stream and destiny customers. Google will respect all existent agreements, and we’re also eager about adding new partners.”

For those who are influenced by a news, Google isn’t providing suggestions of alternatives, though some of a other services that yield API entrance embody Fareportal, Skyscanner, Skypicker, and as one developer notes, IATA appears to also be building something, in further to a QPX Enterprise service.

More generally, Google appears to be focused these days reduction on transport collection for developers and some-more on transport collection for consumers, and maybe associated to that how it can grow a assembly to build out ad products around it.

In one of a latest moves, Google ran a exam this summer to see if it could take on Airbnb with a vacation let engagement service, aggregating listings from other sites like

Updated via with Google comment, and some-more construction and fact about a QPX service.

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